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This Happened

This Happened — September 26: Oktoberfest Terrorist Attack

On this day in 1980, the Oktoberfest terrorist attack happened in Munich.

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Gùsto! How · What · Where Locals Eat (And Drink) In Hamburg

Sausages, potatoes and sauerkraut ... Ja, but not only! Let us take you on a culinary tour of Hamburg, where hip vegan cafes meet sushi and ramen bars, and Bavarian beer flows aplenty.

It’s the Northern German city where the Beatles got started, a vital trade hub for centuries — and a city where you can get a delicious curry wurst mit pommes. Willkommen to Hamburg.

German cuisine is usually thought of as sausages, potatoes and sauerkraut. And while those foods are popular and culturally significant, there is so much more to be found in Hamburg. The city's old brick buildings now house hip vegan cafes, sushi and ramen bars, beer houses, döner restaurants and more!

When going to Hamburg, be prepared to try cuisine that may be completely new to you. The city’s restaurant and bar culture is diverse and deeply multicultural, with restaurants mixing German culinary traditions with other European cuisines and tastes and techniques from the kitchens of Asia, South America, Africa and beyond.

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Achtung! How Oktoberfest Looks From The First-Aid Station

At Munich’s Oktoberfest, an hour-by-hour account of the emergencies, medical and otherwise, when all the beer-drinking and dirndl-chasing go too far. (Note: Watch out for the Aussies.)

MUNICH This year's edition of the world's favorite beer party, Oktoberfest, is underway in this southern German city. For a unique perspective on the darker (and drunker) side of the annual event, Suddeutsche Zeitung monitored one day from the celebration's state-of-the-art Red Cross first-aid station, where 100 volunteer paramedics and 10 doctors look after the inebriated and otherwise wiped-out, worn-down and beat-up.

Here's an hour-by-hour chronicle:

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Daniel Rubinstein

Palestinian-Brewed, Bavarian-Inspired Beer Is A Hit In Israel

Taybeh was also the toast of a unique Oktoberfest celebration in Ramallah.

TAYBEH — There are many economic ties between Israel and the Palestinians, but only one Palestinian product has managed to become a famous brand in Israel: Taybeh Beer.

Though still not sold in every bar in Tel Aviv, everybody knows its name and reputation. The brewers of the Palestinian beer recently celebrated the factory's 20th anniversary, which coincided with a local incarnation of the famous Oktoberfest beer festival that takes place in Germany. Though usually celebrated in the West Bank village of Taybeh, 15 kilometers northeast of Jerusalem, this year the party was moved exceptionally to the bigger stage of Ramallah, and included shows, music and dance events.

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Doctor's Brew: Studies Find Beer Has Real Healing Powers



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At Oktoberfest, Sexual Assault And Abuse On The Rise



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