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TOPIC: niger coup

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Hawaii Wildfires Death Toll Rises, West Africa’s Standby Force, Russian Moon Mission

👋 Hei!*

Welcome to Friday, where the death toll in Hawaii climbs to 55 as firefighting efforts continue to extinguish the wildfires, West African leaders activate a standby force to put pressure on Niger’s coup leaders and Russia launches its first moon mission in nearly 50 years. For our special Summer Reads edition of Worldcrunch Today, we feature three stories from around the world on the environment.


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Hawaii Wildfires, Ecuador Presidential Candidate Killed, Mom & Daughter In Space

👋 Moni moni onse!*

Welcome to Thursday, where Hawaii’s Maui island battles destructive wildfires as the death toll continues to rise, Ecuador declares a state of emergency after presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio is shot dead less than two weeks before the election and a Caribbean duo is set to etch their names in the history of space travel. For our special Summer Reads edition of Worldcrunch Today, we feature an article by Karl De Meyer in French daily Les Echos — and three other stories from around the world on women.

[*Chewa, Malawi and Zambia]

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U.S. Diplomat In Niger, Portugal Battles Wildfires, No More Zoom Calls

👋 Azul!*

Welcome to Tuesday, where a U.S. diplomat meets with Niger’s coup leaders in an effort to find a “negotiated solution” to the conflict, two Russian missiles hit residential buildings in the eastern Ukrainian city of Pokrovsk killing at least eight people and it’s time for Zoom workers to go back to the office. For our special Summer Reads edition of Worldcrunch Today, we feature three stories from around the world on education.

[*Tarifit, Northern Morocco]

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Trump Indicted Part III, Evacuating Niger, Sturgeon Supermoon

👋 Kaixo!*

Welcome to Wednesday, where former U.S. president Donald Trump is facing federal charges over attempts to overturn the 2020 election, European countries have started evacuating their citizens from Niger, and NASA picks up an unexpected heartbeat from Voyager 2. Meanwhile, Zoriana Variena and Katarzyna Pawłowska in Warsaw-based daily Gazeta Wyborcza look at what drives Ukrainian women, who found refuge in Poland, to cross back into their home country to get medical care.


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Yannick Champion-Osselin, Anne-Sophie Goninet, Chloé Touchard and Valeria Berghinz

Niger Ultimatum, Pakistan Blast Aftermath, Michelle Yeoh’s Very Long Engagement

👋 Muraho!*

Welcome to Monday, where West African countries issue a one-week ultimatum to Niger’s junta, the death toll is expected to rise after a suicide bombing at a political rally in Pakistan killed at least 45, and Michelle Yeoh marries her Swiss beau Jean Todt some 19 years after he first proposed. Meanwhile, Martin Krause in Argentine daily Clarín explains why today’s youth ought to give iconic author Jorge Luis Borges a (re-)read.

[*Kinyarwanda, Rwanda]

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Yves Bourdillon

The Tug-Of-War Between Niger's New Junta And The World Has Begun

Just days after the military seized power in Niger last week, the new junta has already been the target of sanctions by Brussels and Washington. What that means for the 1,000 U.S. soldiers stationed in Niger, among other things, remains unclear.


PARIS — The tug-of-war is on between Niger's new junta and their neighbors, as well as the Western allies of one of Africa's poorest countries.

After the military announced on July 26 that it had overthrown and detained President Mohamed Bazoum, the 15 member states of the Economic Community of West African States (ECWAS) held a special summit in Abuja on Sunday.

On July 30, they ordered an economic blockade of Niger, decided on the "immediate" suspension of "all commercial and financial transactions" with the country, and set a one-week ultimatum for the junta to restore constitutional order. They said they could not rule out "recourse of force", a rare statement from the ECWAS which s hows the seriousness with which this coup d'état is being taken, which now poses a risk of spiraling out of control in the region.

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Emma Albright, Valeria Berghinz, Yannick Champion-Osselin and Marine Béguin

Niger Coup, Shoigu Meets Kim Jong-un, RIP Sinéad

👋 Agoo!*

Welcome to Thursday, where soldiers in Niger have declared a coup on national TV, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meets with Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu in Pyongyang, and Ireland mourns the death of Sinéad O’Connor. Meanwhile, we look at another battleground of the Ukraine war: language.

[*Twi, Ghana]

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