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This Happened

This Happened — July 14: Nice Truck Attack

On this day in 2016, an attacker drove a truck into a crowd gathered to celebrate Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, killing 86 people and injuring hundreds more.

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The Scooter Hero Of Nice: I Was Ready To Die To Stop Him

A video circulating showed a desperate attempt by someone on a scooter to stop the runaway truck in Nice. Most figured the scooter driver was dead. Here's his story.

NICE The image of Franck was broadcast everywhere, on television and across the Internet in the hours after last Thursday's deadly terrorist attack in Nice. We got to see the dark and grainy video clip of a scooter riding up alongside the truck plowing through crowds of people on the Promenade des Anglais, in what looks like a desperate attempt to halt the 19-ton vehicle.

Many will be surprised to find out that Franck — who did not want his last name published — is alive. Both from the images in the video and several eyewitness accounts, it was believed that this anonymous hero had died in his brave and risky gesture to stop the terrorist, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhel.

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After A Long And Awful Weekend


The long and awful weekend began late Thursday night, local time here in France. At the end of the Bastille Day national celebrations, the southern coastal city of Nice turned into yet another scene of unspeakable horror. It is the same sad plot, different script for a country targeted three times in 18 months with major terrorist strikes: this time, a man with a truck targeted families on a day of historically symbolic importance for France. Looking at the toll, it seems all those 20-something victims of the Parisian attacks at bars and the Bataclan concert hall weren't young enough for those who boast their love expand=1] of death.

It was just 24 hours later when a news alert came in from another country that has also been making headlines lately. The coup d'etat attempt in Turkey was bound to fail, though the reported death toll is high there as well, up to 290 dead in Istanbul and Ankara. For those watching from afar, the instability is particularly troubling in a country that itself has been both a target and a staging ground for ISIS Islamic terrorist group.

Then Sunday, the lead story on our screens had shifted to the southern U.S. city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Again, it was an ugly sequel. Two weeks ago, five police officers had been killed in Dallas by an African-American military veteran angry about police violence aimed at African-Americans back at home. Now, it was three officers dead in Baton Rouge, including (inevitably) one African-American patrolman, killed by another well-armed Marine veteran set on vengeance.

It was a long summer weekend in the darkest kind of way, with Monday looking no brighter.

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Terrorism: The Dual Traps Of Fatalism And Naivety

PARIS — Arnaud Danjean, member of the European Parliament for the French opposition party Les Républicains, spoke to Les Échos about the aftermath of the Nice attack and France's ongoing fight against terrorism.

Les Échos: Every attack evokes a feeling of powerlessness, especially in the wake of one as "low-cost" as the one in Nice, perpetrated by a man not known to security services. Is there really nothing we can do?

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