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TOPIC: mining disaster


The Dark Hidden Cost Of The Mineral That Makes Green Energy Possible

As the world moves to renewable energy, demand for lithium has surged. But the race to extract the precious mineral comes with hidden costs for local communities and the environment. So just how green is the energy transition after all?

We know that the transition to renewable energies is urgent and that fossil fuels must be replaced. But are we making the same mistake if we switch to extracting other resources using the same model?

Since 1997, U.S. company Livent has been extracting lithium, a metal that is crucial for renewable technologies, from the Salar del Hombre Muerto, a salt flat in northern Argentina.

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Turkish Mine Disaster: Gas Masks Were Old, Cheap, Made In China

With more than 300 dead, survivors of last week's Soma mine disaster in Turkey say their gas masks were useless. Turns out they were 20-year-old dirt cheap models. All apparently legal.

ISTANBUL — Every miner who survived last week's Soma tragedy said their gas masks did not work properly. Most reported that oxygen ran out after 10 minutes instead of the 45 minutes it was supposed to last.

After the masks were shown to the press, it was revealed that they were cheap Chinese-made products issued in 1993. Experts say modern masks can provide 120 minutes of oxygen, and it is indeed a miracle that these ones even worked at all. The Chinese products are sold for $30 — as low as $17 with bulk orders. Professional miner masks produced in the U.S. and Europe are priced $345 and up.

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