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TOPIC: makiikva

FOCUS: Russia-Ukraine War

Makiikva, The Makings Of A Watershed In Ukraine War

The killing of likely hundreds of Russian troops has set of a spiral of recriminations that could change the way Moscow approaches its 10-month-old invasion of Ukraine


PARIS — Since the start of the Ukraine invasion ten months ago, the Russian army has suffered its fair share of setbacks. But none, so far, had generated as strong a reaction as the Makiikva missile strike on Russian troops in occupied Ukraine, which undoubtedly claimed hundreds of lives. We may even ask ourselves if there won’t be a before and after Makiikva.

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The Russian general staff raised its official death toll Wednesday, from 63 to 89 dead, but Ukrainian and Russian sources have been citing between 300 and 400 victims. The building hit by Ukrainian missile fire was destroyed, probably because it also housed an weapons depot.

Vladimir Putin remained silent seeing what is being experienced in Russia as a tragedy. But even while being isolated in the Kremlin, he can’t avoid the strong emotion and virulent criticism circulating for the past 48 hours. The vitriol spares him directly, because the "Tsar" is still unassailable — but the demands are for clear accountability, and revenge.

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