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This Happened

This Happened—December 8: The Day The Music Died

A deranged fan shot and killed former Beatles member John Lennon outside of his apartment on the upper West Side of New York City. Lennon's death shocked the world, and seemed to put a definitive end to the 1960s and 1970s idealist dreams of peace and love.

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Off The British Charts, One Year After Brexit

PARIS — Donald Tusk had a dream: The United Kingdom was staying in the European Union — For him, this vision isn't just a pure imaginary digression. The European Council president even appealed to the words of one of Britain's most famous voices, quoting John Lennon's "Imagine": "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

Not the only one to dream? Probably not, judging by the wave of recent statements. In his interview this week to Le Figaro, along with seven other European newspapers, French President Emmanuel Macron said "the door is open until the moment you walk through it." In Berlin, meanwhile, German officials think "it would be great if they were to reverse the Brexit decision." One wonders if Europeans truly believe a U-turn is possible or whether they're just being mischievous, pleased to have the chance to tease British Prime Minister Theresa May, who for a long time appeared so self-confident…

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Boris Backs Brexit, All-White Housing, A Papal Call


Despite losing ground across much of Syria, ISIS remains a dangerous threat in the western part of the country under the Syrian government's control. A series of explosions in the cities of Homs and in the capital Damascus yesterday killed at least 140 people and wounded dozens more. ISIS claimed responsibility for both attacks, which targeted Islamic Shia minorities. The attack in Damascus, which killed at least 83, according to SANA, took place in the Sayyida Zeinab suburb, the location of the holiest Shia Muslim shrine.

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By The Numbers: Assassination Price, Adobe Hack, Beatle Home

What's the price of John Lennon's childhoood home? Or the scalp of a president? Find out how the news added up over the past week...