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TOPIC: house of representatives

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Hezbollah-Hamas Meeting, China Sacks Defense Minister, Bangladesh Festival

👋 A jaaraama!*

Welcome to Wednesday, where Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad leaders meet to coordinate their actions, China removes a second senior official with no explanation after he disappeared from public view for two months, and Australia’s beloved national spread celebrates its 100th anniversary. Meanwhile, Aila Inete and Flávia Rocha, in Portuguese-language online magazine Revista AzMina, look at how thousands of Brazilian girls are deceived by “foster parents” and duped into forced labor.

[*Fula, West and Central Africa]

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Putin’s Hypersonic Missiles, Pope Benedict’s Funeral, Will & Harry’s Brawl

👋 ¡Ola!*

Welcome to Thursday, where Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly deploys hypersonic missiles, the funeral for Pope Benedict is held in Rome, and Prince Harry accuses his brother William of a physical attack. Meanwhile, Stephane Frachet in business daily Les Echos has everything you knead to know about France’s baguette battle.

[*Galician, Spain]

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Russia Blames Attack On Phones, U.S. House In Limbo, 25 °C In Bilbao

👋 ሰላም*

Welcome to Wednesday, where Moscow blames its soldiers for using illegal phones that allowed Ukraine to locate them and kill scores in Makiivka, in eastern Ukraine, the U.S. House of Representatives fails to elect a leader for the first time in a century, and heat records are smashed across Europe. Meanwhile, Russian-language independent website Vazhnyye Istorii looks at the dangerous rise of Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the infamous Wagner paramilitary group.

[*Selam - Amharic, Ethiopia]

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Where Native Americans May Decide U.S. Midterm Elections

While elsewhere the 'Obama factor' may hurt Democrats, in South Dakota the Sioux tribe may tip the scales in the president's favor as control of the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance.

WOUNDED KNEE — Instead of calling in the cavalry, South Dakota Democrats will be depending on the Sioux to avoid an electoral massacre in the midterms. Of all places, the battleground is here on the Indian reserve around Wounded Knee, where many tribes were victims of slaughter in the futile war against the U.S. Army.

Yet now, the Sioux and their forgotten frontier are the last hope for President Barack Obama's shaky majority in the Senate.

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eyes on the U.S.
Corine Lesnes

To The Presidential Victor Goes The Spoils: A Broken Washington

WASHINGTON D.C. - As the campaign draws to a close, the American people have been hit by a barrage of promises of a better, more civil future.

The two candidates have vowed, even sworn, that they will work harder with the opposition. Mitt Romney mentioned it first in one of his advertisements and confirmed it in the debates: in Massachusetts, where he used to be governor, he learned how to deal with a state assembly dominated by Democrats. Barack Obama also took the opportunity of Hurricane Sandy to present himself as the President and protector of his nation by rising above partisan quarrels.

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