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TOPIC: greek politics


Greek Elections: Will The Left Forgive Tsipras For The “Betrayal” Of 2015?

With the opposition Progressive Alliance ‘Syriza’ trailing in the polls for the May 21 election, they'll need to convince their potential core left-wing voters that they are true progressives. Tspiras' controversial bailout deal of 2015, however, still hangs in the air.

ATHENS – Keeping food prices under control, raising salaries, regulating the market, protecting housing and “standing by citizens.” These are the main points of Greek Coalition of the Radical Left’s Progressive Alliance for Sunday's general elections in Greece. Better known by its abbreviation Syriza, the left-wing party has been the main opposition party for the last four years, and now has a chance to return to power.

The latest polls give a lead to the current ruling party, New Democracy (ND) led by conservative Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Against all odds, numerous scandals seem to have left the party unaffected. Neither the news of their illegal wiretapping of journalists and politicians (including within their own ranks) with the Predator software nor the Tempe train crash tragedy that killed 57 people on February 28, 2023, or any of their numerous other scandals seem to have touched their standing.

All these scandals, which should have been the center of the electoral debate, were immediately sidelined with the news of accusations of sexual harrassment against Syriza MEP Alexis Georgoulis. The party vehemently denies having knowledge of the events, but the case is being used against them in the campaign.

Leader of the opposition, Alexis Tsipras, is trying to revive hopes for the return to "a progressive government." But among the left-wing electorate, there is no shortage of mistrust and disappointment after the so-called "betrayal" of 2015, where Tsipras accepted an international debt bailout deal — and his subsequent four years in government.

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