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Moscow Shoots Down Drones, Amazon Protection Alliance, Fossil Mystery Solved

👋 Mogethin!*

Welcome to Wednesday, where Russia shoots down two combat drones near Moscow, Amazon nations launch an alliance to protect the fragile ecosystem but fail to agree on a common goal to end deforestation and paleontologists end a 30-year-old mystery surrounding the Australian fossil of a 1.5 meter-long creature. For our special Summer Reads edition of Worldcrunch Today, we feature an article by Katja Ridderbusch in German newspaper Die Welt — and three other stories from around the world on mental health and well-being.

[*Yapese - Micronesia]

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Rise Of "Slave Grandparent" Syndrome — When Child Care Is Unloaded On Grandma

Grandparents are increasingly forced into caregiving duties that leave them exhausted and can even affect their health. This is especially true for women.

BUENOS AIRES — Terms such as "grandparent slaves" sound like another world, but they are closer to home than we care to imagine. Do we ever stop to think who is caring for the carers?

Taking care of others — a task that generally falls to women — has effects that are under-appreciated if not made invisible. The duty is also often imposed without prior consent and distributed unfairly.

Obligations, economic issues, internal and external pressures and other factors can all create a work overload that degrades quality of life and can even harm one's health.

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Sweden Has One Of The Best Social Welfare Systems. Why Are So Many People Lonely?

Hygge dreams and happy extended families are increasingly fading away.


Even if Sweden has one of the world's best social systems, more and more people say they are becoming lonely. Instead of idyllic extended families, more individualistic ways of living are becoming more common. This is having serious consequences, especially for those over 60.

If you believe in individualism, you should be in favor of a strong state. That sounds paradoxical, and it is. But while ideologies strive to erase contradictions, the real world is often contradictory.

Sweden, which is still the country with the world's most comprehensive welfare system, is also the country with the second-highest proportion of single-person households, just after Finland. Almost half of Swedes live alone.

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Delusions Of Grandfather

"And where is your grandson?" — "Who knows. He must be old by now."

“Dottorè, do you know that I am a grandpa?”

When Gennaro told me this, at first I thought he was being delusional. But then I looked into his eyes: They were lucid — not because of the drugs his psychiatric treatment required, but from some strong emotion, something real that had at last lit up in his gaze.

Gennaro had to have a grandchild somewhere, and therefore also a child.

Yet, he had spent his life in a psychiatric hospital until 1994, and when he left the hospital, there was no trace of his previous life.

"And where is your grandson?"

"Who knows. He must be old by now. Maybe he's a grandfather himself. I've only seen him once: My son brought him to meet me outside the Leonardo Bianchi psychiatric hospital, when it was still open. He was ashamed to bring the baby there, it was the first and last time he came to see me.

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Mariateresa Fichele

No Healing Here, But Maybe A Miracle

In Naples you will often hear people exclaim: “Maronna ro Carmine!"

To understand the meaning of that expression, here's a true story from my childhood.

Although everyone called her Maria, my grandmother's real name was Maria Carmela, taken from the Madonna to whom she was devoted. And if you’re not from Naples, you wouldn’t know that Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Maronna ro Carmine in Neopolitan) has been distributing bonafide miracles since the 1400s.

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Laura Stampler

Hey Grandpa, You're Rockin' It On Facebook!

Seniors Demographic Reaches Social Media Tipping Point.

When you think of the brands that dominate on Facebook, companies like Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and Disney spring to mind. Grandparents.com, not so much.

But according to Track Social, Grandparents.com was actually the 8th most shared brand on Facebook in the last month and a half — beating BMW in the run-up to Christmas and NPR during election season.

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