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Benjamin Button For Real? Scientists Are Close To Cracking The Code To Reverse Aging

The discovery that earned Japan's Shinya Yamanaka the 2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine has paved the way for new research proving that aging is a reversible process. Currently just being tested on lab mice, will the cellular reprogramming soon offer eternal youth?

PARIS — Barbra Streisand loved her dog Samantha, aka Sammy. The white and fluffy purebred Coton of Tulear was even present on the steps of the Elysée Palace, the French President’s official residence, when Streisand received the Legion of Honor in 2007.

As the singer and actress explained inThe New York Times in 2018, she loved Sammy so much that, unable to bring herself to see her pass away, she had the dog cloned by a Texas firm for the modest sum of 50,000 dollars just before she died in 2017, at the age of 14. And that's how Barbra Streisand became the happy owner of Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet, two puppies who are the spitting image of the deceased Samantha.

This may sound like a joke, but there is one deeply disturbing fact that Harvard Medical School genetics professor David A. Sinclair points out in his book Why We Age – And Why We Don’t Have To. It is that the cloning of an old dog has led to two young puppies.

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Superbugs Crawl Onto Agenda

In our globalized world, climate change, economic collapse and all sorts of warfare (nuclear, biological, cyber, etc.) are viewed as the most terrible and frightening danger threatening our planet. But scientists recently pointed to an imminent threat that could wipe out the human race — the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria or, simply, "superbugs."

Today, the United Nations General Assembly will dedicate a high-level meeting to the issue of "antimicrobial resistance". It would only be the fourth time that the 193 member states discuss public health. With about 700,000 deaths a year attributed to superbugs, including 23,000 in the U.S. alone, scientists believe it's an issue as pressing as climate change. By 2050, the yearly death toll could reach 10 million worldwide.

An article published in Vox rightly warns that our consumption of antibiotics is "out of control," and not just to treat humans, but farm animals too. This bacterial evolution could make some diseases such as gonorrhea untreatable, reversing more than a century of medical progress. And it could have a bone-chilling effect on our economy. The World Bank in a report earlier this week warned that "drug-resistant infections could cause global economic damage on par with the 2008 financial crisis."

As pharmaceutical companies appear more worried about wrapping up big mergers, it's time for the UN to rise to the occasion, show its relevance, and lead the way.

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Slow Growth For China's Genetically Modified Crops

BEIJING — Over the past two months, China has green-lighted the importation of three varieties of genetically modified corn and soybean from the United States. Meanwhile, China's Ministry of Agriculture has also renewed the expired safety certificates of the country's own genetically modified crops.

While that's good news for the industry, it may be premature for it to celebrate, says Chen Zhangliang, vice chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology. He recently told attendees at a seminar devoted to the industrialization of genetically modified crops that there are serious misunderstandings among consumers about this bio-bred agriculture.

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Cloned Seeds Can't Compete With The Supremacy Of Sex

Natural reproduction and the adaptability of genes will always outperform the machinations of multinationals like Monsanto, accused of wanting world domination with GMO crop production.

SANTIAGOSex moves the world, they say. I am not referring to the porn industry, but the way in which most living beings reproduce. The color of flowers, bird song, troubadour poetry — it's all sex. The different forms of courting and seduction that permit life itself, plants, birds and humans.

The particular charm of sex is not just that so many people enjoy it, but that it also ensures most of the population is healthy, and those exposed to degenerative diseases fail to threaten the specie's viability.

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