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Why Do French Protesters Burn So Many Cars?

Cars burning in French streets has been a familiar site at protests for decades. What explains this particular "tradition" of public lashing out?

PARIS — Following a police shooting of 17-year-old Nahel M. during a traffic stop on Tuesday, France has been plunged into the kind of popular uprising and street clashes that we've seen elsewhere in the world against police violence. For the past three days, French media has shared images of the unrest and the kind of toll one might expect, including 875 arrests and 249 police officer injuries.

But if you're in France, there's one other statistic bound to be reported from the uprising: burned-out cars and other acts of arson. Indeed, police say that at least 2,000 cars were set on fire, and 3,880 other blazes were reported at the protests around the country. And that was just overnight between Thursday and Friday — hundreds, if not thousands of other fires were set the first two nights.

Yes, it would seem counting the number of burned cars after nights of social unrest has become something of a tradition in France. But why?

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Xi & Putin’s New World Order, More “Partygate” Evidence, Bali New Year

👋 Sziasztok!*

Welcome to Wednesday, where Xi Jinping leaves Moscow after pledging to “shape a new world order” with Vladimir Putin, Boris Johnson’s “Partygate” hearing opens and Google rolls out its Bard chatbot. Meanwhile, Anna Akage surveys experts on the likelihood that the Russian president is using a doppelgänger for public appearances.


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