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TOPIC: food prices


Study: Rising Prices Force Organic Food Consumers To Switch To Cheaper Alternatives

A study shows that a rising tide of consumers are prioritizing their wallets over organic products, switching to more budget-friendly, non-organic options as the cost of living crisis continues.

BARCELONA — A recent study by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) shows that the percentage is increasing of consumers who choose the cheapest products when shopping and look at price over brand. The findings are clear: 55% of "eco" food consumers are switching – or will soon switch – to more affordable non-organic brands.

In Spain, 66% of respondents "would like to do more for the environment and the planet, but the cost of living stops them doing so." As study points out, "the defection of the eco-active consumer is due to inflation."

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Protests In Iran Risk Spreading As Ukraine War Triggers Global Food Crisis

After a break in late March, small protests have broken out all over Iran over wages and pensions. A higher cost of living caused by the war in Ukraine may be the final straw for exasperated Iranians.

In Iran, workers and pensioners have resumed protests over dismal wages and work conditions, after a two-week lull for the Persian new year holidays. Amid dire conditions for many Iranians in an economy that has become perennially dysfunctional, one economist has warned there could be another explosion of public rage against the Islamic Republic within months.

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Iranians have reasons enough to be angry: unemployment, inflation, unpaid or meager wages (when paid) that barely meet bread-and-butter costs, and a regime that persists with a nuclear program that has earned the country little more than sanctions. And now, the regime's sinister ally, Russia, is provoking a spike in food prices after invading Ukraine.

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The True Cost Of Russia's Food Patriotism

The Kremlin is spinning domestic protectionism and anti-West food sanctions as a way to help Russia's farmer. But it's really just a recipe of pure politics - and bad economics.

MOSCOW — People usually associate Russian conservatism with its citizens' political tastes, but marketing professionals have long ago seen another connection — literally, in consumer tastes.

There's the ice cream wrapped in paper — "tastes just like you remember!" And there's sausage with a label saying it was "made according to the standards of the Soviet Union."

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