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America's Dilemma: Between Middle East Quagmire And The "Real" Threat In China

In the wake of Hamas's attack on Israel, the United States, often projected as no longer wanting to be the region's policeman, finds itself deploying aircraft carriers in the eastern Mediterranean and conducting F16 raids against Iranian targets in Syria. But the epoch-shifting challenge is elsewhere.

PARIS — Jake Sullivan, the White House National Security Advisor, recently wrote an article for Foreign Affairs magazine, praising the foreign policy of his "boss," Joe Biden , in anticipation of his bid for a second term .

The bit that particularly draws the reader's attention is Sullivan's assertion that the Biden administration had "de-escalated crises in Gaza and restored direct diplomacy between the parties after years of its absence." This sentence, obviously written before Oct. 7, appears in the November issue of Foreign Affairs, but the online version has since been edited.

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Why F-16s Could Be Decisive For Ukraine

Denmark and the Netherlands have jointly declared their intention to dispatch F-16 fighter jets to bolster the Ukrainian Air Force. Once Ukrainian pilots are trained, it may help tip the balance in Kyiv's favor.

This article was updated on Aug. 21, 2023 at 3 p.m.


KYIV — After the U.S. announced it will help train Ukrainians on F-16 fighter jets in late May, Yuriy Ignat, spokesman for the Ukrainian air force command, confidently declared: "Once we have the F-16s, we'll win this war."

With Denmark and the Netherlands jointly declaring their intention to dispatch dozens of F-16s to the Ukrainian Air Force (the Netherlands says it will give 42), Kyiv is one major step closer to having the jets in hand.

After the announcement Sunday, Ignat reiterated after his belief that the jets could be the decisive factor. “We won't win immediately, of course," he added. "But the F-16 is capable of changing the course of events, capable of providing us with what we need most today — air superiority in the occupied territories."

Ignat revealed that eight to nine Russian fighter jets currently operate in the occupied regions, deploying aerial bombs and missiles, Kyiv-based Livy Bereg reported. With the F-16s in Ukraine's arsenal, such actions would be significantly hampered, diminishing the Russian capacity to exert air dominance. Ignat reinforced the notion that control over the skies directly translates to success on the ground, thereby making the F-16's strategic value indisputable.

Military experts argue that it may not be as simple as that, but for military pilot instructor and Ukrainian reserve colonel, Roman Svitan, the Western fighters could help cut Ukrainian casualties and even shift the balance in Ukraine's favor during the counteroffensive .

Ukraine has launched a major counteroffensive to expel the Russian forces that have invaded its territory, but the fight has been slow going. Speaking to the independent Russian news site Important Stories , Roman Svitan explained how the F-16s could help Ukraine achieve this objective.

For starters, Ukraine can reach the Azov coast in the southeast under the protection of surface-to-air missile systems and sufficient artillery cover, Svitan explains.

“The ground is as flat as a table," he notes, "so it's easy to pull equipment like artillery there."

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Report Of Saudi Mass Killing, Crusader Wins In Guatemala, Baghdad’s NSFW Billboard Hack

👋 NuqneH*

Welcome to Monday, where a Human Rights Watch report warns that Saudi border guards have been killing hundreds of refugees at the border with Yemen, anti-corruption crusader Bernardo Arévalo wins in Guatemala and a disgruntled employee hacks an ad board in Baghdad in a very NSFW way. Meanwhile, Charlotte Meyer in French daily Les Echos faces our unjustified phobia to put a positive spin on spiders.

[*Klingon - Star Trek fictional language]

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