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TOPIC: ethiopia

This Happened

This Happened — July 13: Live Aid Benefit Concert

The Live Aid benefit concert was a dual-venue concert held on this day in 1985, in London, England, and Philadelphia, United States. It was organized by musician Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia. The event aimed to bring together the world's top musicians and engage a global audience to contribute to the cause.

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Russians Take Soledar, Brazil Crackdown, California Floods

👋 မင်္ဂလာပါ*

Welcome to Wednesday, where Russian forces claim control of Soledar, Brazil’s Supreme Court orders the arrest of two top security officials and a new “optimistic” planet has been discovered. Meanwhile, Nike Heinen in German daily Die Welt worries about the danger posed by China’s secrecy surrounding its COVID-19 situation.

[*Mingalaba - Burmese, Myanmar]

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Imran Khan Assassination Attempt, Ethiopia Truce, Hole-y Cheese

👋 Hai!*

Welcome to Thursday, where Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan is out of danger after an assassination attempt at a protest march, inflation is getting out of hand in Turkey and Switzerland takes the crown for best cheese. Meanwhile, Ukrainian journalist Anna Akage looks at the relationship between Georgia and its problematic neighbor, Russia: Yes, it’s complicated.

[*Malay, Malaysia, Indonesia]

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Retaking Zaporizhzhia, Iranian Climber Explains, Healthy Sleep

👋 ¡Hola!*

Welcome to Wednesday, where Russia reports an attempt by Ukraine to recapture the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power, Iran’s climber explains why she competed without a veil, and researchers conclude that yes, you do need that beauty sleep. Meanwhile, Marc Pfitzenmaier for German daily Die Welt takes the temperature on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, the “last bastion” between Russia and the entire Batlic region.


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In The News
Lisa Berdet, Chloé Touchard, Lila Paulou and Bertrand Hauger

Train Station Strike Kills 25 In Ukraine, Monsoon Toll, Around The World At 17

👋 Mbote!*

Welcome to Thursday, where the death toll is mounting in Russia’s attack on a train station in eastern Ukraine, Pakistan is asking for international aid amid months of extreme floods, and a British-Belgian pilot becomes the youngest to fly solo around the world. Meanwhile, Colombian daily El Espectador looks at how the city of Medellín has turned into (to quote the locals) "Sodom and Gonorrhea."

[*Lingala - mboh-teh]

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In The News
Lisa Berdet, Joel Silvestri, Lila Paulou and Bertrand Hauger

West To Arm Ukraine, Deadly Brazil Rainstorm, Nadal Tears Up

👋 Салам!*

Welcome to Wednesday, where the U.S. and Germany announce new military aid for Ukraine, at least 100 are confirmed dead as floods and landslides hit Brazil, and an iconic movie vehicle gets an ecological update. For Worldcrunch, Anna Akage also writes about the dire situation in Russia’s overpopulated detention centers, where Ukrainian “spies and traitors” are locked up without trial.

[*Salam - Kyrgyz]

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In The News
Anne-Sophie Goninet, Lorraine Olaya and Bertrand Hauger

Ukraine Counterattacks, 300 Feared Dead In Mariupol Theater, Tree Of The Year

👋 Laphi!*

Welcome to Friday, where Ukraine authorities say up to 300 may have been killed in the March 13 bombing of Mariupol theater. Meanwhile, the U.S. and EU announce a deal to try and cut Europe’s dependence on Russian energy, and Russia sanctions have ripples in space. We also focus on the work of Ukrainian war photographer Maks Levin, who has been missing for 12 days.

[*Aymara - Bolivia]

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In The News
Anne-Sophie Goninet, Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, Jane Herbelin and Bertrand Hauger

Omicron Restrictions, Iran Nuclear Talks Resume, Thai Monkey Festival

👋 Kaixo!*

Welcome to Monday, where the Omicron variant prompts new restrictions and border closures, talks on Iran’s nuclear deal resume in Vienna and Thailand’s monkey festival is back. We also take you on an international journey into the wonderfully weird world of microstates.

[*Kie-sho, Basque]

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Dominique Moisi

From Taliban To Taiwan, The Limits Of Military Power

China is beefing up its military arsenal, with Taiwan as its target. However, as with the continued difficulty to control the terrain in Afghanistan, we increasingly see that military power is far from ensuring the hegemony hoped for by stronger parties.


PARIS — "How many divisions does the Pope have?" once famously asked Joseph Stalin, highlighting that despite religious or political authority, military force can always prevail in geopolitics. However, in the 21st century, one can legitimately ask what military force is for.

In Afghanistan, more than three months after the Taliban's lightning victory, terrorist violence continues. It seems that members of the defeated regular army have joined the ranks of the "fundamentalist international" to continue the fight against the Taliban. In short, military victory on the ground has not solved anything. The Taliban face the resilience of those nostalgic for freedom and progress on the one hand, and Islamic fanatics on the other.

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In The News
Anne-Sophie Goninet & Jane Herbelin

Ethiopia Violence Escalates, COVID Surge In Europe, Space Tacos

👋 Sugeng enjing*

Welcome to Friday, where the risk of an all-out war grows in Ethiopia, Europe is once again at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and chiles are grown in space for the first time. French daily Les Echos also explores the often very different reasons that people change their name.


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In The News
Jane Herbelin, Anne-Sophie Goninet and Bertrand Hauger

Taliban Currency Ban, Ethiopia War Crimes, 47 Years Of Parking

👋 Bok!*

Welcome to Wednesday, where the Taliban announce a ban on foreign currency, war crimes are blamed on both sides of the war in Ethiopia's Tigray region and an Italian car has been parked in the same spot since the '70s. We also feature an AmericaEconomia report on how South America is boosting coffee exports by cashing in on growing taste for the beverage in prosperous Asian countries.


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Tarik Oualalou

Facing Climate Emergency, Africa Must Reinvent Its Cities

Due to climate change and pollution, entire neighborhoods and cities on the continent are destined to vanish. A new vision of African urbanism is needed to replace the illusion of the "city without limits."


Sebha is bound to disappear. The capital of Libya's hydrocarbon-rich Fezzan region has become the largest city in the Sahara. For years, it has seen the convergence of public and private capital, and a steady flow of migrants. Subjected to major demographic pressure, the city of the sands is now doomed. Sooner or later, the lack of water will empty it of its inhabitants — and return its territory to nature.

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