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Buenos Aires Postcard: Why Dominican Barbers Conquer The World

Their close cuts, unusual trims and friendly demeanor have made Dominican barbers a hit in the Argentine capital, after making their name in the U.S. and Europe.

BUENOS AIRES — The Dominican barber is like the Peruvian chef or Buenos Aires tango dancer: He can work anywhere. If they are so sharp, it's because they have plenty to keep them busy: People back home in the Dominican Republic go to the barber or hair salon every week, or even twice a week.

Historically, they have preferred to set up shop in the United States, then Europe, where Latino communities have thrived. In recent years they have also moved south, through the Americas. They began arriving in Buenos Aires a decade ago, as well as in cities in Peru, Chile and Uruguay. Their first shops were in the Constitución neighborhood of the Argentine capital, though they were soon expanding across the city and its suburbs, establishing their very particular style of shops. Displaying the Dominican flag, these are more American-style "barber shops' than the European-style parlors typical in Buenos Aires.

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Hurricane Matthew Hits, El Caribe Front Page

"Seven killed in Dominican Republic and Haiti as rainfall continues" writes the Dominican Republic's daily El Caribe on its Wednesday front page as Hurricane Matthew — the most powerful Caribbean hurricane in years — devastated parts of the two countries that coexist on the same island.

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Extra! Dominican Republic Prepares To Deport Haitians

The Dominican Republic will send a delegation to Haiti to discuss the deportation of Haitian citizens from the country, Tuesday's edition of El Caribe reports. The migration minister announced that the administration would consult with its neighbor before expelling Haitians illegally residing in the country.

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Farewells, October 2014: De La Renta, Burri, Baby Doc

Bidding farewell to those who died this past month...

Andrea Tornielli

Pope Francis Takes The Hardest Line On Clerical Abuse

With the arrest of former Polish Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, the Pope is showing that he will crack down on child sex abuse in his Church by ending any protection of criminals.


VATICANCITY — Back in May, this is what Pope Francis told journalists on the plane returning from his three-day trip to the Middle East: "In Argentina, we tell the privileged that they're "daddy's boys," but for anyone guilty of the terrible crime of abusing minors, there cannot be any exemption from punishment, nor privileges."

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Santiago Villa

Mine-Loving Dominican Republic Leader Scoffs At Nature Preserve

People and parliament are almost unanimously opposed to mining in one of the country's exceptional natural reserves. But the nation's president insists the mining must proceed.


BOGOTA — Some 80% of the Dominican Republic's fresh water comes from Loma Miranda, a mountainous area that the late dictator Rafael Trujillo sold in the 1950s to Falconbridge, a Canadian mining firm that used the land to extract nickel and ferronickel.

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