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This Happened

This Happened—January 13: A Cruise Ship Sinks In Tuscany

The Costa Concordia cruise ship crashed and sank on this day in 2012.

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BoJo Under Pressure, Landmark Syria Trial, Gruyère Row

👋 Ahoj!*

Welcome to Thursday, where Boris Johnson faces rising calls to resign, an ex Syrian colonel is convicted in a landmark torture trial, and the U.S. finds loopholes in the Gruyère cheese label. We also mark 10 years since the Costa Concordia disaster off the coast of Tuscany.


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The Costa Concordia Disaster, 10 Years Later — This Happened, January 13

The images of the Italian cruise ship, which had run aground just a few hundred meters from the Tuscany coast, captured the world's attention for a chilly winter week in 2012.

Thursday marks 10 years since the Costa Concordia luxury cruise ship deviated from its planned itinerary to get closer to the island Isola del Giglio, before hitting rocks on the seafloor in shallow water and starting to sink. Over the course of six excruciating hours, a rescue effort team worked to evacuate the 4,252 people on board. Sadly, in the end, 33 people died.

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Extra! In Italy, Mediterranean Kills In Two Different Ways

[rebelmouse-image 27088625 alt="""" original_size="750x1016" expand=1]

Two very different tragedy-at-sea stories occupied the front page of Thursday's Rome-based daily La Repubblica.

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Roberto Giovannini

The Wretched Face Of Globalization Hiding In A Ships' Graveyard In Bangladesh

SITAKUND — Welcome to one of the most polluted and dangerous coastlines in the world. On this murky stretch just a few kilometers from Bangladesh’s main industrial port, Chittagong, are dozens and dozens of beached ships.

Sea carriers, oil tankers and huge containers that at the end of their lives — many that can no longer sail safely — are abandoned here to be dismantled. Sitakund, like Alang in India or Gadani in Pakistan, is one of a sort of planetary black holes where garbage from the rich world is summarily and quietly offloaded; where thousands of impoverished people dismantle entire ships with their bare hands, hammers and blowtorches, carrying the heavy metal over their shoulders.

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Gaza War Crimes, Mourning Dutch, Newspaper Vs. Mosquitoes

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An emergency UN Human Rights Council is being held in Geneva as Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge” enters its 16th day, with the death toll in Gaza now standing at least 647, after new attacks this morning. UN human rights commissioner Navi Pillay opened the meeting saying that Israel may be committing war crimes in Gaza, where its punitive house demolitions and killing of children raise the "strong possibility" that it is violating international law, according to AFP. She also condemned Hamas for its “indiscriminate attacks.”

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Fabio Pozzo

A Special Italian-Style Around-The-World Cruise To Seduce Rich Chinese

GENOA - How do you bring the Dolce Vita Italian lifestyle to the Chinese without actually landing in China? Well, the Costa Cruises company will be offering all the top Made-in-Italy food, fashion and style with a new around-the-world “Italian” cruise geared to a Chinese public.

The Italian cruise line opened its doors to the Asian market in 2006 with the launch of the Costa Allegra ship. This year, they’re adding two more ships -- the Costa Victoria and the Costa Atlantica, with departures from Shanghai and Singapore. They’re also placing a huge bet by featuring the first around-the-world cruise intended for Chinese only.

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New Video Of Frantic Evacuation Of Sinking Italian Cruise Concordia

Just before the first anniversary of the deadly sinking of the Italian cruise ship, La Repubblica daily's website posts a never-before-seen video of the final desperate moments.



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