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TOPIC: chess

This Happened

This Happened — February 10:  Kasparov v. Deep Blue

On this day in 1996, Russian Chess Grandmaster Kasparov lost his first chess game to IBM’s chess computer Deep Blue.

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Russian Plane Crash, Truss To Keep Calm And Stick Around, Indian Chess Prodigy

👋 ꦲꦭꦺꦴ*

Welcome to Tuesday, where 13 are killed as a Russian training flight crashes in Russia, embattled Liz Truss vows to “stick around,” and an Indian teenager beats chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. Meanwhile, Pavel Lysyansky in Ukrainian media Livy Bereg explores a 1990s treaty that may give us an idea about Putin’s “USSR 2.0” ambitions.

[*Halo - Javanese, Indonesia]

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Le Weekend ➡️ Chess World In Checkmate, Xi Hoax, Darth Vader Retires

October 1-2

  • Fake news of a coup in China
  • Up close with Russian deserters
  • Sheep taking over London Bridge
  • … and much more.
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Pricing Pawns

On Moscow's Sparrow Hill, tourists can buy nestling dolls or wooden chess boards while enjoying the view over the Russian capital.

Corinne Bouchouchi

Mother By Day, Poker Player By Night

Sima, a Parisian mother of three, hits the poker tables every night around 10 p.m. and plays for a solid eight hours, just like a day's work. She earns a decent living, if not the respect of her children's teachers.

PARIS — Her black hair is pulled back into a bun, and she's wearing a pair of hoops and light lipstick. It's 10 p.m., and Sima is leaving her Parisian apartment to go to work. She takes a cigarette from its pack, the first of many on this particular night. Relaxed, she walks along almost deserted streets, as though the city is hers.

Her phone rings. It's a friend calling to say she'll pick her up to go to the Cercle Clichy Montmartre, a poker group, or "circle," situated in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. "It's my second home," Sima says.

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Maurizio Vezzaro

Italy's Unlikely Chess Superstar Exposed As Webcam Cheat

Arcangelo Ricciardi's rise in the world of chess seemed too sudden. And it was. Caught using hidden mini webcams to defeat international chess masters, his board is tipped.

IMPERIA — Arcangelo Ricciardi was a rising star among Italy's chess players after a string of victories. The 37-year-old had gone from obscure amateur to defeating renowned opponents. But Ricciardi, a former beekeeper with a passion for chess, has been exposed as a fraud for cheating during the 56th International Chess Festival in Imperia, which he had been dominating.

Tournament organizers expelled him Sunday after a referee found a tiny webcam under his shirt connected to a receiver and other cables.

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The Royal Game

Chess has been a favorite hobby of mine long before 1963, when I took part in the Franche-Comté regional finals in Besançon. (I finished third.)

Pierre Barthélémy

Magnus Carlsen, A Chess Child Prodigy Grows Up

Long hailed as the future of chess, the Norwegian-born grand master is now, at the ripe age of 23, the reigning world champion. The next question: will he be the greatest of all time?

OSLO — It’s a rainy day in Norway"s capital, and a fire is burning in the luxurious building of investment bank Arctic Securities. Next to the hearth, a chessboard reminds us that the organization is a proud sponsor of new world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. Lounging on a couch, with part of his shirt untucked from his trousers, the 23-year-old is nibbling on peanuts.

The last time we met was in 2008. He was just a teenager back then but already one of the games’ top prospects, “the Mozart of chess,” in the words of The Washington Post. At the time, we retraced the conventional steps of a child prodigy gifted with an exceptional memory. He had just won one of the world’s most difficult tournaments, in the Dutch city of Wijk-aan-Zee, at just 17.

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