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This Happened

This Happened—January 7: The Charlie Hebdo Attack

Two gunmen opened fire at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris on this day in 2015, targeting the magazine's staff for satirizing Islam.

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Terror And Silence: Reading Kafka In Prague After Rushdie Stabbing

On the political left, writers and intellectuals around the world have shown a chilling indifference to the recent attack on the author Salman Rushdie. But this is not the first time they have quietly taken the side of the enemies of freedom.


PRAGUE — Recently I recalled an observation made in 1979 by the Czech writer Milan Kundera when speaking at Mexico's National Autonomous University: He said Franz Kafka, another Czech and a defining figure of 20th-century literature, is unacceptable to the totalitarian world because his work is the very picture of that world.

The memory of this quote came to me in Prague, while attending an international symposium on Kafka and Latin American literature. Kundera cited a litany of prohibitions imposed on Kafka's work in authoritarian regimes, where the individual must submit to arbitrary instructions, the sources of which are, literally, mysteries.

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Is Severodonetsk The Next Mariupol?

Russian troops are attempting to encircle Severodonetsk, the last key city remaining under Ukrainian control in the Luhansk region, as Vladimir Putin looks to claim victory in a war that is not going Moscow's way. But will the toll be for civilians?

Severodonetsk, the last key city remaining under Ukrainian control in the Luhansk area, is now the focal point of Russia’s war. In 2014, it had been recaptured from the pro-Russian separatists in a hard-fought battle by Ukrainian forces. Now, eight years later, Moscow is launching an all-out attack to try to take it back again.

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Alex Crawford, a Sky News correspondent in the region, says Russian forces have the means to conquer the city that in normal times has a population of circa 100,000 — and Moscow will be eager to cite it as the “victory”. But, Crawford wrote, “the path to victory comes – like the capture of the port city of Mariupol – strewn with the broken and battered bodies of the city's citizens.”

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France’s World Cup Win, Elixir For A Nation Hit By Terrorism

The victory of Les Bleus is a real boost for a nation that has been the repeated target of Islamist terror. Still it is not a magic solution to its many divisions.


PARIS — As soon as the referee blew the final whistle, a wave of jubilation spread across all of France: endless flocks of fans, fraternal and joyful, celebrated the victory of Les Bleus, winners of the World Cup for the second time in history, defeating Croatia 4-2 in the final at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium.

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Charlie Hebdo Goes To Germany

Angela Merkel — and well, just about everyone else in Germany — better brace themselves. French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo launched a German version Thursday, the first version of the often cheeky, sometimes offensive weekly, in another language and country. The new version comes nearly two years after a jihadist attack at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris that killed 12.

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Martina Meister

Algeria's Orwell Portends Islamic Dictatorship In 2084

Is the Islamization of Europe underway? In his dark novel "2084: The End of the World," Algerian writer Boualem Sansal explores an Islamist world dictatorship. In this extract from an interview with Die Welt

PARIS — Sunday morning, 9 a.m. It's raining in Paris. We meet Boualem Sansal, 66, in a small office in the central Marais neighborhood. Yesterday he was in Warsaw, tomorrow he'll move on from here. Never, he says, has he traveled so much for any other book he has written. This one is called 2084: The End of the World, and in the tradition of George Orwell's 1984, it describes the dictatorship of faith: Radical Islam has taken over the world, erasing all that had existed before.

DIE WELT: Mr. Sansal, your book is pretty dark. At least Orwell had a love story.

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Terror in Europe
Yves Bourdillon

Terrorism: The Dual Traps Of Fatalism And Naivety

PARIS — Arnaud Danjean, member of the European Parliament for the French opposition party Les Républicains, spoke to Les Échos about the aftermath of the Nice attack and France's ongoing fight against terrorism.

Les Échos: Every attack evokes a feeling of powerlessness, especially in the wake of one as "low-cost" as the one in Nice, perpetrated by a man not known to security services. Is there really nothing we can do?

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Charlie Hebdo Cover: "Je Suis Panama"

"Fiscal Terrorism," the front page of this week's satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdoreads in the wake of the Panama Papers leak, which implicates heads of state and other wealthy notables in a global money laundering and tax avoidance scandal.

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Cartoon Of Muslim Leader Wearing 'Dress' Sparks Uproar In Senegal

DAKAR — A cartoon of an early 20th-century Senegalese Muslim leader has sparked a nationwide uproar, with the vignette criticized by civilians and political leaders alike. The Paris-based African news magazine Jeune Afrique published a cartoon of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, founder of the Mouride Brotherhood, last week in which a passing Westerner asks why the traditionally robed leader is "wearing a dress." The magazine formally apologized for the caricature over the weekend and removed it from the website, although it is still visible on the cartoonist's Twitter profile.

The caricature poked fun at ongoing controversy in Senegal over men carrying handbags, a new fashion trend pioneered by the young singer Wally Seck. Religious leaders — including representatives of the Sufi Muslim Mouride Brotherhood, whose adherents make up around 40% of Senegal's population — harshly criticized his fashion choice and called it "effeminate," with newspapers publishing homophobic insults. Homosexuality is outlawed in Senegal and many other African countries.

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Hebdo Attack Anniversary, S. Korea Propaganda, Lemmy's Live Funeral


At least 65 people were killed this morning after a truck bomb exploded at a police training center in Zliten, Libya, the BBC reports. Reuters reports that hundreds of recruits were gathered at the center when the explosion occurred. Martin Kobler, the UN's special representative to Libya, characterized the blast as a suicide attack. No organization has claimed responsibility yet, though various terrorist groups, including ISIS, have been fighting in Libya since the 2011 revolution.

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One Year After Attack, 'Always Charlie'

[rebelmouse-image 27089812 alt="""" original_size="750x942" expand=1]

L'Humanité, Jan. 7, 2016

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