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Mexico Border Fire, Ukraine Gets Western Tanks, Detectorist Jackpot

👋 வணக்கம்*

Welcome to Tuesday, where a shooting in Nashville leaves six dead, Ukraine receives much-awaited tanks from the UK and Germany, and an amateur treasure hunter hits the mother lode. Meanwhile, Italian weekly magazine Internazionale looks at an oft-overlooked form of gender inequality: street names.

[*Vanakkam, Tamil - India]

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Israel Protests, SVB Buyout, Lebanon’s Springtimes

👋 Γειά σου*

Welcome to Monday, where Israel is rocked by mass protests following Netanyahu’s decision to fire the country’s Defense Minister, collapsed Silicon Valley Bank is bought by a rival and a dispute over daylight savings divides Lebanon in two time zones. Meanwhile, German daily Die Welt meets with a Chechen battalion fighting alongside Ukraine against Russia.

[*Yassou - Greek]

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Xi In Moscow, Banking Shares Sink, Bangladesh Bathing

👋 Sawubona!*

Welcome to Monday, where Chinese leader Xi Jinping lands in Moscow for talks with Vladimir Putin, banking stocks and bonds hit a new low despite UBS’ rescue of Credit Suisse, and about one million pilgrims take part in a “sacred bath” ceremony in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Paul Molga in French daily Les Echos looks at the vicious circle between climate change and earthquakes.

[*Zulu, South Africa]

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U.S. Drone Incident Video, Credit Suisse Lifeline, Lunar Fashion

👋 Sannu!*

Welcome to Thursday, where the U.S. releases a video of the drone incident with a Russian fighter jet, Credit Suisse borrows big, and we get a first look at NASA’s new Moon spacesuits. Meanwhile, Rubén M. Perina in Buenos Aires-based daily Clarín lays out why Latin America should be wary of China’s economic might in Argentina.

[*Hausa - Nigeria]

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In The News
Emma Albright, Inès Mermat, Hugo Perrin and Anne-Sophie Goninet

Bakhmut Fighting Raging, Rescuing SVB, All At Once Oscars

👋 Bok!*

Welcome to Monday, where the battle for Bakhmut rages on between Russia and Ukraine, Europe’s biggest bank pledges to rescue the sinking Silicon Valley Bank, and Everything Everywhere All at Once wins pretty much everything at the Oscars. Meanwhile, Juan F Samaniego in Spanish-language magazine La Marea suggests that trees may hold the key to adapting to climate change.


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In The News
Ginevra Falciani, Anne-Sophie Goninet and Bertrand Hauger

One Year Of Ukraine War, North Korea Test Missiles, IG’s New Queen

👋 Tere!*

Welcome to Friday, where the world marks one year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, North Korea test-fires four cruise missiles and some Netflix users get a discount. Meanwhile, Spanish-language magazine La Marea looks at the new Chilean government’s plans to finally track down the remains of what are believed to be thousands who were forcibly disappeared and executed during the Pinochet dictatorship.

[*Selam halewi - Tigrinya, Eritrea and Ethiopia]

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In The News
Anne-Sophie Goninet, Hugo Perrin and Inès Mermat

Turkey Earthquake Toll Tops 1,500, Iran’s Mass Pardon, Queen B Breaks Grammy Record

👋 Salibonani!*

Welcome to Monday, where a 7.8-magnitude earthquake kills more than 1,500 in southern Turkey and Syria, Iran pardons tens of thousands of prisoners, and Beyoncé makes Grammy history. Meanwhile, Ukrainian journalist Anna Akage lists the five reasons why Vladimir Putin may be planning a major assault on Ukraine before the end of the month.

[*Ndebele, Zimbabwe]

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In The News
Ginevra Falciani, Emma Albright, Inès Mermat and Anne-Sophie Goninet

German Tank Pressure, LA Shooting Suspect Found Dead, Machu Picchu Shutdown

👋 Pialli!*

Welcome to Monday, where pressure continues on Germany to authorize sending tanks to Ukraine, the suspect is found dead in a shooting that killed 10 near Los Angeles and Machu Picchu is shut down amid violent Peru protests. Meanwhile, Turkish online news website Diken takes us to the historic urban gardens of Yedikule, in Istanbul, now put at risk by a city restoration project.

[*Nahuatl, Mexico]

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In The News
Anna Akage, Bertrand Haugier, Emma Albright

Will Putin Declare War On May 9? Or Peace?

The annual May 9 commemoration of the defeat of Nazi Germany has extra significance this year with Russia in the full throes of the invasion of Ukraine. There are conflicting reports about how President Vladimir Putin may use the occasion.

There’s no doubt that next Monday, May 9, all eyes will be on Russian President Vladimir Putin. The annual commemoration of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, known in Moscow as “Victory Day,” has extra significance this year with Russia in the full throes of the invasion of Ukraine, which may indeed be the riskiest war since 1945.

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Of course, two months since the invasion, Putin hasn’t even acknowledged that Russia is at war, calling it a “special operation.” And some sources believe that he will use the May 9 occasion to officially declare war — again, against “Nazis,” as the Kremlin refers to the government in Kyiv.

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In The News
Anna Akage and Emma Albright

Lavrov Reveals Slow Pace Of Russian Advances

Also: First Mariupol evacuations, Biden visit "matter of time," Lavrov's Jewish Hitler, Chechnya’s TikTok Fighters ... and more.

May 9 has long been an important day in Moscow, commemorating the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany. Most Kremlin observers believed that Vladimir Putin’s new all-out assault in the southeast Donbas region was aiming to bring home at least a symbolic victory in time for what Russians call “Victory Day.”

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But on Monday, Moscow-based daily Kommersantreports that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov cautioned that Russia is not going to force a "victory" by May 9, which looks like a de facto admission that the assault has not progressed at the pace the Kremlin had hoped.

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In The News
Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, Anne-Sophie Goninet and Jane Herbelin

New Zealand To Reopen, Sweden’s First Female P.M., Albatross Divorce​

👋 Rimaykullayki!*

Welcome to Wednesday, where New Zealand is set to reopen to foreigners after nearly two years, Sweden elects its first ever female Prime Minister and climate change has unexpected consequences on albatross couples. Die Welt journalist Steffen Fründt meets undertakers preparing for a new coronavirus wave as Germany becomes one of the world's worst-hit COVID hotspots.


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