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The Problem With Easter

Not all holidays are celebrated equal. Why’s that? wonders our Neapolitan psychiatrist.

This morning I was thinking about holidays and wondering why Easter isn’t celebrated as much as Christmas. Because this is the holiday that marks something truly extraordinary: Jesus dies and three days later, he is resurrected, fresh as a rose. He says goodbye to his friends, takes his leave and goes. But not to an ordinary destination. He goes up to heaven and sits to the right of the Father.

Christmas, on the other hand, celebrates a birth. Although it is true that it is the birth of Jesus, at the end of the day, the event itself is not extraordinary.

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The Sea Beyond, The Sea Within

"Everything has a cost, and even rights have to be paid for — and I'm tired of that."

Dottoré, do you watch The Sea Beyond on Netflix?”

“No Antonio, sorry.”

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