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TOPIC: augmented reality


Augmented Reality, Tech Miracle Or Surveillance Tool?

Exploitation of so much data by artificial intelligence could lead to the automatic evaluation of individual employee performance.

PARIS — We might soon see a mechanic put on augmented-reality glasses that will show him how to repair a car step-by-step. But the same glasses will also record his slightest movement making it possible to know how long it took him to finish the job, whether he needs to be sent into training… or find a new job.

This is the "factory 4.0" scenario that consultants, industrialists and trade unions foresee. In the future, the steps in a product's lifecycle, from design to production and maintenance will be constantly monitored by computer. Engineers and IT specialists dream about this "digital continuity."

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What Happens When Pokémon Go Sneaks Into Egypt

Pokemon Go isn't even available in Egypt. That hasn't stopped young hunters from tracking down the creatures.

Marwan Imam, 28, recently drove two hours on a coastal highway chasing Pokémon in the Egyptian city of Alexandria.

"I drove all the way from the north coast to get some action," he says, "mostly to get to a populated area where there's more Pokémon."

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Rony Abovitz: Unraveling Magic Leap's Enigmatic Founder

DANIA BEACH — On the stage are two large furry creatures — one pink, one green — examining, then admiring, a human-sized box that reads "Thwaxo's strangely demented space fudge." In the background is the soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. An astronaut then enters and approaches a microphone. "Before I begin my talk I'd like to present today's ancient and magical keyword," he says. A band starts playing loud music behind and the two creatures throw papers with the word "fudge" written on them and then start dancing madly around the astronaut.

If you haven't understood anything from this scene, that's fine. That was exactly the intention of the man in the astronaut suit. His name is Rony Abovitz, and besides being a fan of unusual costumes and imaginary creatures he is also one of the most talked about and secretive people in the high-tech world.

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