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TOPIC: atheism


An Atheist's Prayer For Holy Week

Atheists may not have been blessed with faith, but God has graced them with a mischievous wit and a love of the arts that has led to some of the most beautiful depictions of religion.


BOGOTÁ — It's the culmination of Holy Week, the most sacred period in the Christian liturgical calendar. Like a religion, atheism has its sects: there are the pious atheists and radical atheists. The latter are its guerrillas, such as the French novelist Émile Zola, who declared civilization would peak once the last stone of the last church had fallen.

Or the German writer Friedrich Nietzsche, who "rushed" to cleanse himself every time a religious man rubbed against him.

The Greek philosopher Epicurus speculated that if God wanted to but could not prevent evil, He was not omnipotent. And if He could but would not, then He was plainly mean! Where does evil come from, he asked, if God is willing and able to stop it, and why call Him God if He cannot, or will not?

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A Brief And Bitter History Of Being Atheist In Modern Egypt

Egyptian society simply doesn't recognize the reality of atheism, and often punishes anyone who declares it publicly.

CAIRO — Toward the end of 2009, an Egyptian blogger announced the imminent publication of his book, A Muslim Atheist. The title is reflective of a concept he believes in, based on his experiences: he isn't Muslim currently; he used to be, but then he became an atheist. However, after a while, he found himself not entirely sure about the non-existence of God; thus, he was no longer fully an atheist. He is pragmatic, and such pragmatism has led him to live life as he wishes, as if God doesn't exist, but without completely excluding the possibility that he might. But for Egyptian society, he will always be Muslim. To declare himself an atheist within his social circles would bring about consequences he could not bear; he would be unable to marry a Muslim or a Christian, and would likely forfeit his inheritance.

The issuing of legal documents like marriage certificates and death certificates, as well as things like child custody and inheritance, are all determined based on Egypt's personal status laws, which are faith-based and subject to religious dictates from Al-Azhar and recognized churches. Therefore, anyone who is not officially affiliated with one of the three Abrahamic religions is likely to experience difficulties regarding such matters.

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Nothing Can Stop The Spread Of Latin American Atheism

Not even the first Latin American Pope! Studies show fewer Catholics in Latin America, and more people identifying as atheist or secular. Now non-believers are fighting for a true separation of church of state.


SANTIAGO The specter of atheism is haunting this most Christian of regions, Latin America. From Mexico to Argentina, dozens of voices and groups of freethinkers, atheists and agnostics are demanding to be heard and calling for more secular structures in their countries.

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Holy Irony, World's Largest Bible Printer Is In Atheist China

Though China is officially atheist, Christianity is growing, with believers now outnumbering communists. That's good news for a huge Bible publisher that supports charities in China and Africa.

NANJING — Most German households have a Bible, even if it isn't regularly read. In fact, it remains a bestseller. "We estimate the extent of annual sales for complete Bibles, which is to say the Old Testament and the New Testament in various translations, to be about 500,000," says Christoph Rösel, Secretary General of the German Bible Society headquartered in Stuttgart.

Some of the books come from the largest Bible-producing factory in the world, located in atheist China, of all places. Nowhere else are so many of the holy books printed as at Amity Bible Printing Co. in Nanjing, northwest of Shanghai. Some 13 million copies were printed there in 2014 alone, and the factory has printed nearly 130 million Bibles since its founding.

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Mada Masr

Cairo Shutters Cafe Charged With Serving Satan-Worshipping Atheists

Nicknamed the "atheists' cafe," police say there was evidence of devil worship at the shop. Twitter users are now mocking Cairo authorities, asking when the war on vampires begins.

CAIRO — Security forces have raided and closed what they described as an "atheists’ café" in the Abdeen neighborhood of downtown Cairo.

The café has also been described as a den for "Satan worshippers." The closure spurred a reaction on social networking sites, with the hashtag "atheistscafé" trending nationwide.

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Egypt Targets Both Islamists And Atheists

This week’s Egyptian court ruling imposing death sentences for 529 Muslim Brotherhood members was widely condemned abroad as a troubling sign for the health of the nation's democracy. But Cairo’s continued escalation against the Islamist organization might also give outsiders the false impression that religion in general is under attack in Egypt.

In fact, another crackdown is under way against a very different perceived enemy of the state: atheists. While atheism in Egypt has long been taboo, the perils of not believing in God became especially plain after Alexandria security chief Amin Ezz El-Din announced expand=1] on the Egyptian talk show Khatt ahmar (Redline) that a new task force would be created to apprehend atheists for their “crimes.”

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