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TOPIC: antarctica


How South American Oceans Can Sway The U.S.-China Showdown

As global rivalries and over-fishing impact the seas around South America, countries there must find a common strategy to protect their maritime backyards.


BUENOS AIRES — As the U.S.-China rivalry gathers pace, oceans matter more than ever. This is evident just looking at the declarations and initiatives enacted concerning the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Yet there is very little debate in South America on the Sino-American confrontation and its impact on seas around South America, specifically the South-Eastern Pacific (SEP) and South-Western Atlantic (SWA). These have long ceased to be empty spaces — and their importance to the world's superpowers can only grow.

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Sex In Antarctica: When Things Heat Up For Iced-In Researchers

Argentina's Antarctic bases are staffed by isolated and often young scientists confined in close quarters.

MARAMBIO BASE The Hercules plane expected to arrive at this Argentine-run base in the Antarctic will bring clothes, food, medicines, vehicle parts and ... condoms.

Sex in the Antarctic is like the wind: nobody sees it but everyone talks about it.

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Penguins Beware: China's Super-Rich Flock To Antarctica

A chilly bit of 'wealth flaunting' in time for the Chinese New Year.

For China's expanding class of super-rich, the search is always on for the most exclusive family travel destination for the Chinese New Year. This year has sparked a rush to a particularly cool (ok, cold) new spot: Antarctica.

Less about exploration or adventure, the Mandarin-language website The Paper reports that the real motivation is simply that few can afford it. So, flaunting one's wealth in China now comes with penguins, it appears.

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The Antarctic, One Last Chance To 'Do Right' By Mother Nature

The Antarctic, one of the last, unspoiled parts of the natural world, will, like the Amazon, face man's destructive onslaught unless states take action quickly.

BUENOS AIRES — Beijing recently hosted the 40th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, a chance for signatory states to agree on how to better protect what may be the last bit of the planet with vast, pristine natural territories. It is no easy task.

The reader may or may not know that Antarctica (and the waters, ice and islands around it, collectively known as The Antarctic) is "governed" in a collaborative fashion through two legal instruments foreseen in the Antarctic Treaty system. Those instruments are based on the fundamental principles of promoting international peace, scientific investigation and environmental protection.

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Pilot's depression, Facebook drones, No-kissing village

Airstrikes against Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen from a Saudi Arabia-led coalition have continued for a second day. At least 39 civilians have been killed in the strikes, according to AFP. Yesterday, Egypt said it was ready to send its navy and ground troops to Yemen to fight the Houthi rebels, who have been gaining ground in western Yemen, forcing the government out of the capital Sanaa and becoming al-Qaeda’s biggest foe.

  • The leader of the Houthi rebellion, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, said in a televised address that the attacks were “unjustified,” “criminal” and reflected “the inhumanity of the aggressor,” Iranian network Press TV reports. Iran, a Shia country, is believed to support the Houthi rebels, and observers have described the conflict as a proxy war between Iran and the Sunni and Wahhabi Saudi Arabia.

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Are Penguins Super-Birds, Immune To Avian Flu?

ANTARCTICA — Researchers have detected a new kind of bird flu in Adelie penguins for the first time, yet the virus does not seem to make them sick.

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By The Numbers: Record Cold, Steaming Rice And More

The coldest recorded temperature, a long test for Fukushima rice and other ways to measure the news that counted.


Penguins Bask In Global Warming



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Antarctic Rescue, Cyclone Bejisa, Robber v. Broom

An operation to rescue the passengers of the Russian ship Akademik Shokalsky was launched this morning, as a Chinese helicopter attempts to ferry tourists and scientists to an Australian ice-breaker, Russia Today reports. The Shokalksky has been trapped in ice since Christmas eve and several evacuation attempts had failed due to poor weather conditions. By midday, CNN reports that all 52 passengers had been successfully rescued.

The head of the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan Hilde Johnson has called for an end to fighting between supporters of President Salva Kiir and those of his sacked deputy Riek Machar, BBC News reports. Meanwhile, Kiir declared a state of emergency in two of the country’s states on Wednesday, ordering the regular army to fight dissident rebels, according to the Sudan Tribune.

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