U.S. Election 2020 - Views From Abroad


French Monarchist Lessons For A Broken American Democracy

-Essay- PARIS — The rendez-vous was for last January 21, on the anniversary of Louis XVI's death. A friend had tipped me off that hundreds of French citizens gather each year in Paris to ...

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How India's Hindu-Muslim Strife Could Help Trump In Texas

What is happening in India is casting a long shadow on the forthcoming U.S. elections.


"All Leaders Lie" - Trump Takes A Truism To Its Logical Extreme

A leader can, in good conscience, conceal dysfunctions, hide problems or mitigate difficulties. T...

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Trump Or Biden: 15 World Leaders, Who They Are Rooting For

Every U.S. election carries consequences beyond America's borders. But Nov. 3 stands out for multiple reasons: a lethal pandemic has killed more than one million people across the world, once ...


What's To Gain For Iran If Biden Beats Trump

The current U.S. president has made life decidedly difficult for the Islamic Republic. But would ...

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Headlines And #Karma, World Reacts To Trump COVID Diagnosis

The news that Donald Trump has been infected with COVID-19 echoed around the world, making front pages and prompting a gush of wishes from leaders in all continents — and snark from many ...

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Trump And COVID: Will It Be Like Boris Johnson Or Bolsonaro?

Ahead of the Nov. 3 election, this is an October Surprise that has four full weeks to play out.


Trump's Sudden Interest In Latin America: A Play For Florida

-Analysis- LIMA — Last August, U.S. President Donald Trump's administration published its Western Hemisphere Strategic Framework paper, which designated the Western Hemisphere — North ...


China v U.S.: What Growing Tensions Mean For Latin America

While the U.S.-China rivalry is not yet a repetition of the Cold War, it will have repercussions ...


Trump, Berlusconi And Democratic Lessons For Everyone

TURIN — Two months from election day, we can leave no doubt: Donald Trump is taking the Republican Party for a ride toward the Apocalypse. The Republic convention was a frantic exercise in ...


A Swedish Boxer, Donald Trump And Our Culture Of Shame

Long before his sex scandal took over the front pages, every Swede knew Paolo Roberto. The son of an Italian father and Swedish mother, Roberto gained some notoriety in his teens as a street ...

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David Blaine And Donald Trump, Trading Places

-Essay- PARIS — I do my best not to get pulled into the rabbit hole of U.S. election coverage. It's hard to imagine, at this point, how any poll or tweet or scandal could possibly affect ...


Bad American Art — How Trump Looks In France

A self-described American aesthete has no good answers for her French friends aghast at the reali...


Venezuela's Maduro Has A Surprising New "Ally" — Trump

The socialist strongman has plenty of critics. But he also has a remarkable amount of staying pow...


Trump To Bolsonaro To Salvini: A Populist Aversion To Face Masks

MILAN — In our pandemic times, face masks are politics. Last Thursday, the debate arrived with fury at the Culture Commission of the Italian parliament. "I won't be gagged and I won't wear ...


Trump And Co., A World Desperately Lacking Leadership

U.S. President Donald Trump has failed spectacularly in his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bu...

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Trump's Coronavirus Crisis Management: Find The Scapegoats

As the death toll in the U.S. marked a new global high, topping 1,900 dead on Wedneday alone, President Donald Trump is back on the hunt for someone to blame. Facing criticism for initially ...