On The Unexpected: Zoom Parties And The Lessons Of The Matrix

It's official: Zoom parties are here to stay. And to anyone ...


Privacy At Risk, From GDPR To Israeli Spyware

United States

Surveillance Tech Eyes COVID-19 And Black Lives Matter

PARIS — It's been a tumultuous few months for so-called "surveillance tech." Most recently, following pushback from Black Lives Matter activists, Amazon has suspended ...


Virus Alert, Protect Your Body And Computer

Before COVID-19, when we heard the word "virus," most of us thought about our computers. Cyber-security terminology has borrowed from the biological world because of the similar ways ...


The Brave New World Of High-Tech Sex Toys

From long-distance pleasuring to hands-on stimulators, the 21st century adult toys market offers plenty of exciting options. Just don't get hacked.


Fusing Drones And Software, A Killer Combo To Manage Assets

New technology is allowing firms and governments to maintain, check and optimize assets and operations at minimal costs.


Instagram Filters: The Tyranny Of Digital Retouching

A "plastic surgery style" is a new part of the culture exploding on social media.


The Case For Banning Facial Recognition Systems Altogether

With automated electronic surveillance systems, suspicion does not precede data collection but is generated by the analysis of the data itself.


Too Smart For Our Own Good? Imagining Future Human Evolution

As people continue to push the boundaries in areas like AI and biotechnology, it's worth asking what all these advances will do to our minds and bodies.


Predictive Politics: When Algorithms Will Run Our Democracy

New tech may soon be able to predict future political problems and independently develop solutions before issues even arise. But what does that mean for democracy?


Slovakian Artist Ctrl Shift Face, King Of "Deepfakes"

He's the mastermind behind has most famous deepfakes of the web. Donald Trump, Bruce Lee or even Elon Musk have been integrated into his videos, which are as fascinating and problematic as they are funny.


In Senegal, An App To Tackle Violence Against Women

Femicide is a major problem in the West African country. A French entrepreneur of Senegalese origin is hoping her invention — App-Elles — can help end it.

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Take 5: How Nations Protect High-Tech Assets

It's part trade war, part cyber defense — and the rumblings of conflict grow louder as countries (and companies alike) maneuver to protect their high-tech assets. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recent......


Bill Gates, Say Grazie! How Olivetti Invented The First PC

Back in 1965, the Italian office machine company launched the revolutionary P101, used by NASA and later copied by U.S. rivals.


Take 5: How China's Big Brother Inspires Surveillance Tech Around The World

Personal privacy seems to be fleeting in a world where technology is constantly advancing — and it's no accident: Arou......


Alt Energy In Argentina: Wind-Powered Homes Of Patagonia

Wind-powered homes are expected to generate power and kickstart development in a "dreamy" but isolated part of the southern province of Santa Cruz.


Killer Software: Boeing 737 Max And Other Fatal Computer Bugs

PARIS — The so-called millennium bug, or Y2K, was the first time many began to understand the full potential of malfunctioning software to do harm. Of course, the predicted Decem......


How AI Can Revolutionize Life For The Disabled

Digital assistants like Google Home are marketed to everyone. But for disabled people, in particular, they can be a godsend. There are also innovations like MyEye, a visual recognition device, that can be life altering for the visually impaired.


Why "Artificial Intelligence" Needs A Smarter Name

Part of our fear around AI comes from its misleading moniker. It's a momentous innovation, sure. But it isn't really intelligent at all.


A Hacker Pays For Egypt's Ambiguous Relationship With Data

Dubbed "the International," a young Egyptian computer programmer had built a program to scrape user data from Facebook. But the same practice is routinely done by the government and large corporations.


Inside Facebook's Top Secret Moderation Center

BARCELONA — It's a large, bright open space, in which 80 people work, sitting behind brand new desks. The grey of the carpet is still pristine, the walls too white, impersonal. E......


Why Dieselgate Was Really An IT Problem

If cars are supercomputers, why are we not programming them for fewer emissions and speed?