Why France Is Moving Too Slowly To End The Lockdown

The health crisis is real. But so too are the economic costs of an extended lockdown, which will soon become unmanageable on all sides.


Why Latin America Should Go All In On The Sharing Economy


The Pain Of Passing Holidays — And Years: Letter From A Cairo Prison

CAIRO — "Take care and hopefully see you soon. :)" I end the short letter to my family with a few requests for items to bring on their next visit, then hand ...


How World War II Helped Shape Modern India

Indian wartime experience not only contributed to making the country and her institutions what they are today but offers lessons that still have significant validity.


Why Data Rights Are About Much More Than Just Privacy

How economic actors, communities and developing countries fare in the digital economy will depend in large part on how much control they have over the data they produce.


Egypt, Where Colonialism Meets Military-Industrial Complex

CAIRO — On Oct. 1, 2017, the submarine S-42 set sail from the ThyssenKrupp shipyard in Kiel, northern ...


Myth Debunked: Machines Create More Jobs Than They Destroy

MUNICH — Do machines replace humans? Since the beginning of industrialization 200 years ago, we earthlings have been plagued by this fear. From the early uprisings of t......

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Shift To Asia? Africa Rising? Big Questions To Track For 2019

-Analysis- NEW YORK — As 2018 comes to a close, attention is turning to what is likely to happen in 2019. I have no idea. But if you follow these questions, yo......


Female Engineers, The Future Of Africa's Urban Development

As Tanzania seeks to decongest Africa's fastest growing city, more women are stepping up to become registered as professional engineers.


Currency Crisis: Should Argentina Ditch The Peso And Adopt The Dollar?

With inflation on the rise, some pundits say the South American country should say adios to its faltering peso.


Water Pollution And The World's Plastic Bottle Conundrum

From Flint, Michigan to Shanghai, China, bottled water is a luxury many people can't afford to do without.


Why Asia's Industrialization Model Won't Work For Africa

Africa must not be industrialized like the Asian dragons. Instead, the continent must invest in a high-quality educational system to adapt to a new global labor market.


Can Artificial Intelligence Solve China's Demographic Crisis?

BEIJING — Over the past decade or so, "The Low-Fertility Trap," a hypothesis put forth by Wolfgang Lutz, Vegard Skirbekk and Maria Rita Testa, respectively Austrian, No......


The Time For Universal Brain Development Is Now

Like it or not, some people are smarter than others. And pretty soon, robots will be smarter than all of us. We can ignore all of that, or start using brain sciences to level the playing field.


Exotic Fruit To Fair-Trade Fabric, Colombia's New Export Potential

BOGOTÁ — The dragon fruit, or pitaya — that exotic fruit resembling a yellow or red flame and ...


German Elections: Why The Far Right Has Fizzled

For months, the news media couldn't stop talking about them. But now the so-called "disenfranchised" have again gone quiet. Did they ever really exist?


Cash For All In Developing World? Algeria Ponders Universal Basic Income

It's the big idea of the moment among certain economists and activists in the West: ...


Take 5 — Water Innovation Around The World

Droughts, demographics, industrializati......

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U.S. Debate Day, The World Is Watching

The United States, and much of the rest of the world, will turn its collective attention tonight to the campus of Hofstra University, where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will hold ...


Water Is The New Oil — The Rising Threat Of "Blue Gold" Wars

Global warming, population booms, rising urbanization, industrialization — an explosive mixture that may make water supplies the world's new spark for armed conflict.


Dilma's Disastrous Legacy, Destroyer Of Brazilian Wealth

Regardless of when or how she exits the political stage, the Brazilian president will leave chaos in her wake.


Mudbrick Modern: Architecture Dusts Off Old (Green) Ways

Ignored during the 20th century, mudbrick is reappearing in modern Swiss construction. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it takes less energy to produce and saves on heating and cooling costs.