The Latest: Wuhan Anniversary, ISIS In Baghdad, Google v. Australia

Welcome to Friday, where it's been a year since the first COVID lockdown began in Wuhan, ISIS is back in Iraq and James Bond fans get a license to kill some more time. Die Welt ...

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The Latest: President Biden, Baghdad Blast, Mountain Of Trash


What Joe Biden's Arrival Means For Latin America

The new administration isn't likely to prioritize relations with Latin America and the Caribbean. But after the Trump era, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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The Latest: Biden's Big Day, Jack Ma Is Back, Tokyo Games At Risk

Welcome to Wednesday, where Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th U.S. president, Italy's prime minister hangs on, and the Tokyo Olympics may be cancelled again. We also visit six ...

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The Donald Trump Presidency In 29 Magazine Covers

After four years in office and two months of denying his defeat to Joe Biden, U.S. President Donald Trump bids farewell this week to the White House. Whether this also means a final exit......


The Latest: Navalny's Arrest, Brazil Vaccination Campaign, Trump Baby Blimp

Welcome to Monday, where Navalny is arrested upon his return to Moscow, Brazil starts its mass vaccination campaign and there are signs of life from China's trapped miners. Meanwhile, Le Monde......


What Mexico Can Learn From Trump's Desperate Last Stand

Mexico's current leader, and loud-and-proud leftist, has more in common with the outgoing U.S. president, a conservative Republican, than many people realize.


The Latest: Trillion Dollar Relief, North Korea Flex, Wikipedia Birthday

Welcome to Friday, where Joe Biden announces a huge COVID relief package, North Korea boasts "the world's most powerful weapon" and Wikipedia turns 20. Les Echos also explains how the pandemic......

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On The Hypocrisy And Empty Slogans Of "American Democracy"

A motley crew barging into the U.S. Capitol can hardly be considered to be an attack on democracy in a country where capitalism has already systematically squeezed the rights of common folk.


Post-Brexit, Tech And Trucks Make Port Of Calais "Smarter"

The customs border between the UK and the EU is back, with new rules and regulations, an influx of hastily trained agents, and a technology overhaul.


What Trump's Twitter Ban Means For The Rest Of The World

By closing Donald Trump's social media accounts, the Big Tech platforms have recognized for the first time their fundamental responsibility for the content they broadcast. But for this and other reasons that now also means the regulators must step up.


In Latin America, The Pandemic Has Been Bad For Civil Rights

Civil society's scope and powers are taking a hit in places like Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil.


Worldcrunch Today, Jan. 8: Capitol Aftermath, Grounded Boeing, Electric Norway

Welcome to Friday, where a cop dies in the aftermath of Capitol mayhem, Boeing's fraud won't fly, and Norway hits an electrifying record. Meanwhile, Les Echos weighs the possibility that Asian......


Sweden Revisited, From Nordic Model To Pandemic Pariah

MALMÖ — On one of the final Fridays of 2020, I passed through the Malmö airport customs and underwent that subtle metamorphosis from The Swede to a Sw......

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Worldcrunch Today, Jan. 7: Capitol Chaos, S. African Strain, AMLO And Assange

Welcome to Thursday, where chaos rocks Washington, South Africa worries about a new COVID strain, and a Nicaragua zoo celebrates the birth of an exceptionally rare animal. Meanwhile, as many va......


What's To Blame For COVID-19 Vaccine Delays Around The World

Delays, reluctance, shortages... the rollout of the coronavirus vaccines across the world has been beset by some recurring obstacles.


Worldcrunch Today, Jan. 6: HK Crackdown, Georgia Votes, COVID Currency

Welcome to Wednesday, where Democrats are on course for U.S. Senate control, Hong Kong cracks down on activists and the Czech Republic launches its own "COVID currency." Meanwhile, Persian-lang......


Worldcrunch Today, Jan. 4: Assange Stays, Iran's Uranium, Where's Jack?

Welcome to Monday, where the UK blocks Assange's extradition, vaccinations are moving too slowly (almost) everywhere and the Asian business world is asking: Where's Jack? We also follow Le Mond......


Vaccines In India: I Wish I Could Trust The Government

It's stupid to expect people without any medical training to understand how each vaccine candidate has been evaluated. Public accountability offers an alternative.


Like U.S., Brazil May See Strong Economic Bounce After COVID

The price, however, is being paid in lost lives.


Worldcrunch Today, Dec. 24: Brexit Latest, Alibaba Probe, Zoom With Santa

Welcome to Thursday, where Israel announces a 3rd national lockdown, a Brexit deal looks imminent, and we've got the price for zooming with Santa in Lapland. We also look at the effects the pan......


How COVID-19 Exposed The Hard Questions About The Gig Economy

Consumers are convinced. Wall Street is buoyant. Demand around the world for app-based services is booming, with entire nations stuck at home during COVID-19 lockdowns and the prospect of goods and......