Italy's Election, A Sign That Trump Could Pay For COVID-19

Italian populist party leader Matteo Salvini's disappointing results in regional elections is being blamed on his erratic handling of the health crisis in one of the worst-hit countries.


Is The UN Security Council Destined To Disappear?


Understanding The Limits Of German Influence Over Russia

BERLIN — Over the past two weeks, since the allegations of election rigging in ...


China Wants To Invest Billions In New Pig Farms — In Argentina

Desperate for a chance to boost the economy and create some much needed jobs, Buenos Aires is ready to sign off on what environmentalists call a "pandemics factory."


The Pure Folly Of "Food Nationalism" In Argentina

Argentine food production is doing fine and needs no "progressive" state intervention to assure supplies.


India And The Poisoned Chalice Of Islamophobia

Anti-Muslim attitudes are "eating away at the idea of India" and finding expression even among the country's cosmopolitan elite.

Czech Republic

Coronavirus And The Czech Republic's Geopolitical Crossroads

-Analysis- PRAGUE — From a geopolitical perspective, the Czech Republic is a case apart. After four decades of being "abducted" to the East (as writer ...


Vaccine Nationalism: The Global Race For A COVID-19 Cure

There's a whole lot of money and prestige at stake as researchers across the globe scramble to develop a vaccine. Does this help or hurt the cause?


Dissecting China's Failed Experiment At Face Mask Diplomacy

After weeks of denial and manipulation, China wanted to play the role of a caring superpower. But something about its soft-power push went awry.


A New Marshall Plan? Why Europe Isn't Ready To Save Itself

We've heard repeatedly the past two months that the coming economic crisis only compares to the rubble after World War II. It would then follow that leaders would look to the Marshall Pla......


Jackie Chan Helps Lead China's COVID-19 Propaganda War

The COVID-19 propaganda war in and around China now includes a familiar face: There's only one Jackie! ...


Coronavirus: What Unites And Divides Us

Communities across the globe are all grappling with the same scourge. And yet, the pandemic is also fueling an every-nation-for-itself mentality. Where will it lead us.


Beyond Resistance: What India Needs Now Is A Revolution

As the "center" continues to shift rightward — in India and elsewhere — people need to do more than just push back against the powers that be.


Coronavirus And The Global Cost Of Chinese Secrecy

-Analysis- PARIS — In his most recent book, Chine, le Grand Paradoxe (China, the Great Paradox), Jean-Pierre Raffarin reminds us that, "the key to dip......


Egypt's Neverending Story Of Incomplete Revolutions

Throughout the country's turbulent history, efforts to establish a government by and for the people have always come up short.


'The People v. Elites': An Existential Threat To Democracy

Failure to address spreading anger with economic inequalities, and to check its attendant demagoguery, may undermine the very functioning of liberal democracies.


The Economics, Both Real And Imagined, Behind Latin America's Unrest

Many people have had to tighten their purse strings in recent years. But that's only part of what's fueling frustrations in the region.


Mazzini V. Mussolini: How Italy's Anti-Fascist Exiles Rediscovered America

It was autumn, 1939. Germany had just invaded Poland. France had not yet fallen. Mussolini was ...


Why Matteo Salvini Risks Winding Up Like Marine Le Pen

The far-right League party in Italy, rising in popularity, now faces the prospect of being marginalized by its extremist rhetoric after this summer's gamble by its populist leader backfired.


Modi Putting India's Future At Risk With Kashmir Gambit

It's taken the powerful prime minister just 100 days into his second term to compromise the federation's basic foundation.


Next For Italy: An Unlikely (And Up To Now Unthinkable) Alliance?

A traditional party and a populist movement may join forces to get Italy out of its political crisis and avoid yet another election.


Caste Discrimination Still Casts A Long Shadow Over Indian Politics

NEW DELHI — Mangesh and Aarti loved each other. Both belonged to the same village, professed the same religion, had the same cultural heritage. Their class and status in society......