Coup de Greed: Myanmar Generals Are Following The Money

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Viktor Orban, Xi Jinping And A Simple Question For The West

The basic precepts of democracy, recently on the line in Washington, have long been discarded by Europe Union member country Hungary. But is anyone pure on such questions these days?


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How COVID-19 Exposed The Hard Questions About The Gig Economy

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In China, How People Are Pushing Back On Surveillance State

Facial recognition cameras have imposed themselves in every nook and cranny of Chinese life — to the point where a concern is growing within the population and certain cities are reacting.


Brexit Deadline: Time For The EU To Call Boris Johnson's Bluff

London is using the fishing issue in hopes of breaking the EU's united front.


A Village Wedding On The Militarized Indo-Pakistan Border

Despite decades of violence and tension between opposing army outposts, villagers caught in between have no choice but to keep living their lives.


With Trump Gone, China Will Lose An Enemy — But A Useful Enemy

China may be relieved to see their bitter adversary withdraw from power. But President Donald Trump was also Exhibit A for the Chinese regime to show the Western democratic system on the verge of collapse.

Burkina Faso

Facing Jihadists, Burkina Faso Gambles On Village Militias

The West African country is training and arming everyday citizens to protect remote communities from terrorist groups. But some fear the strategy will lead to even more violence.


Flemish Fishers, Brexit And A 350-Year-Old Backup Plan

Authorities in Belgium say that regardless of how Brexit negotiations unfold, fishers from Bruges have "royal privilege" to continue operating in British waters.


In Singapore, Facebook Offers No Refuge For Freedom Of Speech

The city-state's leadership has never tolerated too much political dissent; and now when it comes in the Facebook variety, officials are using the courts to silence critics.


A Trip To Nowhere? Twisted Travel Plans For Our Pandemic Times

-Essay- COVID-19's economic impact on travel is matched only by the existential impact on the modern traveler. In a sign of the desperation of both, several a......


Green Colonialism: The New Face Of Environmental Hypocrisy

If you hated greenwashing, you'll be appalled by green colonialism.


River Of Tears: How Chinese Dams Are Devastating The Mekong

Chinese-backed projects are bringing irreperable damage to the Mekong, the largest freshwater fish source in the world feeding millions of people living along its banks.


India-China Standoff: Dalai Lama, A Not-So-Secret Weapon

The Narendra Modi government has largely ignored the Tibetan leader, who lives in exile in India, but the country's military leaders now say support for the iconic monk could be the perfect way to push back on China.