The Latest: Germany's "Supermedizin," Gbagbo Is Back, Juneteenth Signature

Welcome to Friday, where the global COVID-19 death toll exceeds 4 million, ousted Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo is back in town and Joe Biden makes Juneteenth official. We also go to Hong ...


The Latest: Biden And Putin Punt, Iran's Unpopular Elections, Heavenly Harmony


Why Europe Shouldn't Follow Biden's Lead On China

With new targets, the United States is trying to impose more of the same binary thinking that set the Middle East on fire.


The Latest: Bye Bye Bibi, Novavax Vaccine, Record-Breaking Houseplant

Welcome to Monday, where Israel gets a new Prime Minister after Netanyahu's 12-year tenure, more good news from another COVID-19 vaccine and a houseplant breaks a record in New Zealand. Ukrainian ...

Hong Kong

Politics Helps Explain Hong Kong's Low Vaccination Rates

Think about what other *advice the government is giving people...


The Latest: Peru Election Too Close To Call, Pakistan Train Collision, Turkey Sea Snot

Welcome to Monday, where two Latin American countries await the results of key elections, a deadly train collision rocks Pakistan, and Turkey faces a worrying — not to say pretty yucky......


The Latest: Biden Chinese Ban, Belarus Confession, Million Dollar Parking Space

Welcome to Friday, where Biden toughens U.S. investment ban on China, the Belarus journalist forced to confess and a parking space sells for more than a million. We've also produced a short photogr......


The Latest: Netanyahu Exit Nears, Canada Wants Pope Apology, Going Back To Venus

Welcome to Thursday, where Netanyahu's 12-year tenure as Israel's Prime Minister appears to be coming to an end, Canada calls on Pope Francis to apologize and NASA is finally going back to Venus. ...


The Latest: Taiwan's Vaccine Question, Germany's Second Genocide, Backwards Fugitive

Welcome to Friday, where COVID spikes in Asia, Germany formally recognizes its second 20th-century genocide and a fugitive in New Zealand went the wrong way in a helicopter. Berlin daily Die We......

United States

Sweetening The Deal: A Global Tour Of Vaccine Incentives

Million-dollar jackpots, free food and … a cow? Governments around the world are getting creative to encourage ...


The Latest: Assad v. West, Modi v. WhatsApp, Busted For Cheese

Welcome to Wednesday, where Assad is all set for reelection, WhatsApp takes on India's Modi, and a drug dealer's love of blue cheese leads to his demise. Meanwhile, we turn to German daily Die......


The Latest: Biden Pushes For Middle East Ceasefire, Migrant Exodus, Mafia Math

Welcome to Tuesday, where Biden calls for Gaza ceasefire, 6,000 refugees reach Spanish shores in a day, and a Sicilian Mafioso takes grandparenting to a new low. We also tune in to Hong Kong-based......


Berlin To Beijing: The Double Meaning Of Merkel's China Policy

The German chancellor is the driving force behind a controversial investment agreement between China and EU, which is recognizing Beijing's true intentions too late.


Strait Talk: China Invading Taiwan Is Mostly Just A Matter Of Time

Though Beijing is not likely to launch any overt operation right away, experts predict it's most likely to try to force Taiwan's reunification between 2025 and 2030. This would almost certainly prompt a U.S. response.


The Latest: Vaccine Patent Waiver, Duterte's Chinese Jab, English Channel Fish Fight

Welcome to Thursday, where Washington calls for suspension of COVID vaccine patents, Philippines President regrets getting a Chinese jab and Europe's biggest bear is dead. Germany daily Die Wel......

Côte d'Ivoire

China's 'Stadium Diplomacy,' A Winning Formula In Africa

For decades now, Beijing has been generating good will — and gaining privileged economic access — by donating and renovating sports facilities in select African nations.

Hong Kong

Abandoned Pets Crisis Amid Hong Kong's Emigration Wave

As a growing number of people pack up and leave the former British colony, the question arises: What to do about the family dog?


The Latest: Shooting in Indianapolis, China's Boom, World Press Photo of the Year

Welcome to Friday, where a mass shooting in Indianapolis leaves eight dead, Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai is sentenced and a Danish photographer's image from Brazil wins World Press Photo of the......


The Latest: Olympics At Risk, Sanctions On Russia, Magic Mushrooms

Welcome to Thursday, where Japan says the Olympics could still be cancelled, the U.S. is set to impose sanctions on Russia and there's a wild new treatment for depression. We also have a......


An Old War Is Rekindled On The Myanmar-Thailand Border

For the first time in 20 years, Myanmar regime fighter jets dropped bombs on territory partly controlled by the KNU, an armed group that has been fighting the central government for seven decades and bears the name of a large ethnic minority, the Karen.


The Latest: Myanmar Toll Tops 500, Suez Unstuck, Mafia Fail

Merhaba!* Welcome to Tuesday, where the death toll among pro-democracy protesters tops 500 in Myanmar, Suez Canal g......


How Crime Is Mutating To Cash In On The Pandemic

Across the globe, mafia syndicates, white-collar criminals, hackers and scammers are finding novel ways to profit from the ongoing health crisis.