The Latest: El Chapo's Wife, Facebook-Australia Friends Again, Daft Punk Splits

Welcome to Tuesday, where the global COVID death toll nears 2.5 million, El Chapo's wife is arrested and Facebook and Australia are friends again. Le Monde also explores the ...


Doctor Draghi, Strong Medicine Or Just Another Painkiller?


Top Milan Welfare Official: "No Rush" To Vaccinate Those Over 80

For Leitizia Moratti, head of welfare policy in the Lombardy region and former Milan Mayor, it wasn't the first outrageous statement on Covid-19.


The Latest: Suu Kyi Charged Again, Guinea Ebola Outbreak, Bitcoin's Record

Welcome to Tuesday, where Myanmar files new charges against Suu Kyi, Guinea reports an Ebola outbreak and bitcoin value is about to cross a major threshold. We also look at a new ...


After Waltzing With Trump, Egypt Must Get In Step With Biden

With Joe Biden, Cairo's relations with Washington are undergoing an uncomfortable reboot.


The Latest: Myanmar Protests, Glacier Burst, Annual COVID Shots

Welcome to Monday, where South Africa halts AstraZeneca vaccine after poor results on local variant, 180 are feared dead in India glacier collapse, and Tom Brady makes Super Bowl history. We also l......


Are Democracies More Susceptible To Pandemics?

Authoritarianism allows for swift, decisive action, and when it comes to controlling a viral outbreak, that may be an advantage. But that's only part of the equation.


Mario Draghi As Savior: Broken Democracy, Italian-Style

Of Italy's 58 prime ministers since World War II, you probably don't remember the name Lamberto Dini. He took office on Jan. 13, 1995, several months after uncertain general election results, as th......


The Latest: Myanmar Blocks Facebook, Vaccine Cocktail, Supermarket Love

Welcome to Thursday, where the UK has begun a trial of mixing vaccines, Facebook is blocked in Myanmar and German singles try to find love in the local supermarket. We also hear from a Belgian bioe......


Work → In Progress: The Freelancing Changes Afoot

Vaccines are slowly arriving, but many of the shifts COVID has created will be lasting. These reverberations are much deeper than just working from home or increased digitization — society's prio......

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The Latest: Navalny In Court, Pfizer Profits, Canadian Candyologist

Welcome to Tuesday, where global calls are issued for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, Navalny shows up in court and there's real-life drama at the French opera. Le Monde also goes to Ukr......


The Latest: Variant Vaccine, Apolitical Facebook, Botticelli Record

Welcome to Friday, where lockdown protests spread in Lebanon, UK offers new HK visa and an Italian grandma has COVID-19 quarantine to thank for finding a treasure. We also check in with G......


The Latest: Dutch Curfew Clashes, Conte Resigns, Artificial Lion

Welcome to Tuesday, where drug companies are being called out for vaccine delays, Italy slips into a political crisis and a special lion is born in Singapore. We also look at the rise and fall of U......


The Empty Hype Of India's "Vaccine Diplomacy"

In a rush to bolster its image, the Modi government is giving away coronavirus vaccines that will do little for the country's international standing and would be better served at home.


The Latest: AMLO & COVID, Rescued Miners, Godzilla v. Kong

Welcome to Monday, where AMLO gets COVID, Chinese miners are rescued, and King Kong finds a worthy opponent. Les Echos also takes us to Syria, where coronavirus and a crumbling economy are......


Viktor Orban, Xi Jinping And A Simple Question For The West

The basic precepts of democracy, recently on the line in Washington, have long been discarded by Europe Union member country Hungary. But is anyone pure on such questions these days?

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The Latest: Biden's Big Day, Jack Ma Is Back, Tokyo Games At Risk

Welcome to Wednesday, where Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th U.S. president, Italy's prime minister hangs on, and the Tokyo Olympics may be cancelled again. We also visit six iconic......

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Six Iconic Landmarks That May Be Shuttered By COVID-19

Founded a century (or centuries) ago, these businesses survived world wars and economic depressions. Now the pandemic could close them forever.

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The Donald Trump Presidency In 29 Magazine Covers

After four years in office and two months of denying his defeat to Joe Biden, U.S. President Donald Trump bids farewell this week to the White House. Whether this also means a final exit......


The Latest: Twice Impeached, China Lockdown, Navalny Goes Home

Welcome to Thursday, where Trump becomes first president impeached twice, China goes back into lockdown, and a 45,000-year-old wild boar makes news. We also scan what sets "Made in Africa" ID t......


What's To Blame For COVID-19 Vaccine Delays Around The World

Delays, reluctance, shortages... the rollout of the coronavirus vaccines across the world has been beset by some recurring obstacles.

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Capitol Insurrection: 26 Front Pages From Around The World

Insurrection, chaos, siege, storm, invasion, an attack to democracy... Newspapers in the United States and around the world expressed shock after supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump breac......