A Democratic Imperative Of The Technology Revolution

If societies really want to tackle inequality, they'll need to do more than just improve access to new technologies.


Why Data Rights Are About Much More Than Just Privacy


Why "Artificial Intelligence" Needs A Smarter Name

Part of our fear around AI comes from its misleading moniker. It's a momentous innovation, sure. But it isn't really intelligent at all.


Indian Elections: Gandhi Siblings v. Mister Modi

The full plunge of Priyanka Gandhi into Indian politics, alongside brother Rahul, is a whole new challenge for President Narendra Modi ahead of this spring's general elections.


Myth Debunked: Machines Create More Jobs Than They Destroy

MUNICH — Do machines replace humans? Since the beginning of industrialization 200 years ago, we earthlings have been plagued by this fear. From the early uprisings of t......


Asleep At The Wheel? The Limits Of Self-Driving Cars

The era of driverless cars is dawning. But are we really ready to just let our vehicles take over?


Will Technology Kill Traditional School-Based Education?

Novelist Isaac Asimov imagined 30 years ago that if everyone had a device connected to a broad information network, traditional schooling would be redundant. Most of us now have such a device.


Everyone's A Suspect: How China Keeps Tabs On 1.4 Billion People

With facial recognition cameras and Big Data, the Chinese leadership is pushing its penchant for surveillance to new heights.


Nowhere To Hide? Big Data, Little Privacy Protection In China

BEIJING — The exhibition was called "Secret," and opened in the Wuhan ...


Cutting-Edge Fear: Technologies That Should Scare Us

Computers that can perfectly mimic the human voice? Hyper sensitive surveillance cameras? Advances like these are already a reality, and need to be regulated now.


Venezuela, The Promise And Pitfalls Of Digital Government

The digital revolution is shifting how societies are structured, and may lead to greater public oversight of government. But it could also have the opposite effect.


Behold Tomorrow! Meet The Professional Futurists

GENEVA — One day last October, during the morning talk show on Swiss state broadcaster RTS, still groggy viewers were brutally awakened by a sentence dropped live on-air: "School......

United States

Uber Will You Have Me? A Personal History

How our foreign-born author became an app in America's capital city.

United States

Got AI? Connected Cows, Artificial Intelligence, Your Milk

"Cow Fitbits" and artificial intelligence are coming to the dairy farm, but some farmers aren't impressed.


Brace Yourself For The Digital Counter-Revolution

The world has mostly embraced technological advances. But as fallout over the Facebook data-breach scandal suggests, the reaction could get nasty.


A Few Jobs AI Can Never Render Obsolete

Technology is transforming how goods and services are sold, and may soon kick millions of workers out of a job. But certain professions can't be replaced by bots.

United Kingdom

China arrests security official on suspicion of U.S. spying

A Chinese state security official has been arrested on suspicion of spying for the United States, a case both countries have kept quiet for several months as they strive to prevent a fresh crisis in relations.