After Terror Attack, France Asks If It Has A "Chechen Problem"

A wave of immigrants arrived in France from Chechnya during the early 2000s after the wars with Russia. A minority of this Muslim community has been radicalized, including an 18-year-old who beheaded a French schoolteacher in October.


Post-Soviet Agitprop, How Putin Is Winning Social Media


Why The War In Syria Is Far From Over

After the fall of Aleppo, various alliances of convenience will be put to the test, as the scenario suddenly gets more complicated for both Damascus and Moscow.


Santos, An Awkward Nobel Peace Prize

The committee that awards the Nobel Peace Prize does not approach its task the way the Academy assigns the Oscars. The Nobel is not a trophy to crown an achievement as much as a message … ...


Coal Mines In Eastern Ukraine Go Underground

DONETSK — Komsomolets Donbas is one of the largest coal mines in the Donetsk region in eastern......

United States

Migrant Breakthrough, POTUS Record, Guide To Pooping

MALAYSIA AND INDONESIA TO RESCUE MIGRANTS Malaysia and Indonesia have pledged to provide temporary shelter to the estimated 7,000 migrants believed to be stranded at sea, a......


Hard Landing In Kiev For Internal Refugees Of Ukraine

Fleeing war in eastern Ukraine's Donbas, and even Crimea, some Ukrainians are finding life difficult in the capital.


From Ukraine To Syria, Mercenaries With A Cause

Troops fighting around the world are often chasing enemies from somewhere else. A global tour of how the shards of 'broken nations' are fed into the conflicts of others.


In Ukraine, Sworn Enemies With So Much In Common

Parallel portraits in the making of a civil war: one man is fighting for Kiev, the other is a Russian separatist.


Could MH17 Finally Turn The World Against Putin?

By destabilizing the situation in Ukraine, the Russian president became party to the death of the 298 passengers of the MH17 flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.


Poroshenko's Dilemma: Total War Or Cede Donbas?

The new Ukrainian president's attempt at peace has failed. What now?


Why Russians Go To Fight In Ukraine

MOSCOW — The funeral for the two young men was held on June 7 in a church in Kubinka, near Moscow. Aleksander Efremov and Alekei Yurin had gone to Donbas in th......


A Quiet Stream Of Ukrainian Refugees Cross Into Russia

ROSTOV-ON-DON — When military airplanes started buzzing over ...


Spain's King Abdicates, Luhansk Battle, Captain Chile

Monday, June 2, 2014 BATTLE AROUND LUHANSK...


In Donetsk, The Chechens Have Arrived

From a once-contested region in the Russian Federation, anti-Kiev forces are spotted in the battleground eastern region of Ukraine. They are "more Russian than the Russians," says one.


Strangers In Moscow: A City's Contradictory Contempt Of Immigrants

Although the number of foreign workers has declined sharply in Russia, Muscovites in particular fear the influx of immigrants - not that they necessarily want to do their jobs.


French Tax Dodger? Gerard Depardieu Adds To List Of Off-Camera Numbers



How Kofi Annan Allowed Putin To Become The Godfather Of Tyrants

OP-ED - As the world’s eyes were focused on the Olympic Games in London and Bashar al-Assad's killer tanks and planes battered Syria throughout the summer, ...


In Quiet Russian Republic, Shock And Paranoia Follow Attack On Muslim Leader

KAZAN - Nobody has the exact numbers. The arrests are only talked about when the suspect is someone already well-known in the region. People like Artyom Kalashov, a Russian we......


Inside The Foiled Plot -- Real Or Fake? -- To Assassinate Vladimir Putin

While commentators debate who stood to gain from an alleged plot to kill Putin just days before the presidential election, there is reputed evidence going back several months that might connect the dots.