Waiting For Biden To Take a Stand On Iran

The Biden administration's "contradictory" positions on Iran's nuclear dossier are making the West's allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, increasingly nervous, Ahmad Ra'fat writes in Kayhan London.

New Zealand

Worldcrunch Today, Dec. 16: NZ Child Abuse, Hungarian Adoption Ban, Cigar Box Mystery


After Terror Attack, France Asks If It Has A "Chechen Problem"

A wave of immigrants arrived in France from Chechnya during the early 2000s after the wars with Russia. A minority of this Muslim community has been radicalized, including an 18-year-old who beheaded a French schoolteacher in October.


One Year After Al-Baghdadi Death, An ISIS "Regeneration"

The U.S. killed the ruthless leader last October in Syria at a low point for ISIS. But under his successor, the group is beginning to strike back, in Africa, the Middle East and beyond.


Karelia Postcard: Germany's Forgotten Female Prisoners Of War

Towards the end of World War II, 800,000 German women and girls were deported to forced labor camps in the Soviet Union. A visit to the abandoned camps near the Russian-Finnish border.


Donbass Blues, The Forgotten Conflict In Eastern Ukraine

KRASNOHORIVKA — The sound of canon fire has become more distant of late in Krasnohorivka. But the war continues to haunt Lioudmila Sidonnka. The young mother's stories......


Post-Soviet Agitprop, How Putin Is Winning Social Media

Cold War-style propaganda isn't helping the Kremlin win over young Russians. For that, President Vladimir Putin has turned to social media and its teenage fans.


On Raqqa Frontline: Kurds, Arabs, Italians Close In On ISIS

Kurdish-led forces advance with hopes to recapture the ISIS capital. Together with Arab and foreign fighters, they share a common enemy. But what happens when ISIS is gone?


After Aleppo Inferno, Idlib To Become "Purgatory"

For moderate, unarmed rebels, as well as anyone wanted by the government, the rapid and brutal offensive to retake east Aleppo is a sign of what's to come elsewhere in Syria.


Santos, An Awkward Nobel Peace Prize

The committee that awards the Nobel Peace Prize does not approach its task the way the Academy assigns the Oscars. The Nobel is not a trophy to crown an achievement as much as a message … or......

United Kingdom

ISIS No. 2 Killed, CoiffeurGate, Nintendo Boom

SPOTLIGHT: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow It's been a hairy few days in European politics. In what is being dubbed "...


When Turkey Plays Nice With Russia And Israel, It Plays With Fire

ISTANBUL — Since Turkey made conciliatory moves towards Russia and Israel last week, c......


Just 38 Granted Refugee Status In Poland

WARSAW — Of the nearly 4,000 foreigners who have applied for international refugee protection in Poland since the start of the year, just 38 have received refugee status.......


Sanders Surprises, Queen On Brexit, 5th Beatle Dies

Sanders Surprises, Queen On Brexit, 5th Beatle Dies


In Switzerland, Melting Glaciers Reveal Buried Treasures

Retreating glaciers are liberating bodies and objects lost thousands of years ago and revealing much about the people who once lived in these mountains.


After Russia Enters Syria War, A Spike In Terror Threats At Home

MOSCOW — Russian intelligence services are pursuing a network of Islamic State (ISIS) militants operating in Russia as the country faces an increase in terrorist activit......


In Syria, Life In Harmony With War

A Turkish journalist travels with an Alawite fixer to Damascus to understand what life is like in the Syrian capital as war in the country rages. Life goes on, but it's not all grim.


New Evidence Of Russian Agents In Eastern Ukraine

Kommersant has learned that a former professor arrested last week in the Donbass region by Ukraine has been named as a Russian FSB agent.


Exiling Dissent, How Putin Is "Killing" Russian Civil Society

Le Temps meets up with Olga Abramenko, head of a human rights organization that Russian authorities have deemed a "foreign agent" and banished from the country.


Coal Mines In Eastern Ukraine Go Underground

DONETSK — Komsomolets Donbas is one of the largest coal mines in the Donetsk region in eastern......


Odyssey Of An African Refugee, 50 Years And Counting

Nicolas Ngwabije fled his native Congo in 1966, a political refugee. He ended up working for decades at a French migrant center, a reference point for generations of refugees. And they keep coming.


Raqqa Residents Describe Life Under Unmerciful ISIS Rule

By satellite phone and email, people living in ISIS-controlled Raqqa, Syria, say fighters have stolen their houses, killed family members and even forced them to pay rent on properties they already own.