The Latest: India's Oxygen Shortage, Putin's Threat, Italian Slacker

Welcome to Thursday, where India faces an oxygen shortage as COVID surges, Russia crackdowns on Navalny supporters and Italy nabs the worst slacker ever. We also turn to Le Monde for an ...


The Latest: Chauvin Guilty Verdict, India COVID "Storm," Joints For Jabs


The Latest: Navalny To Hospital, Train Crash in Egypt, Mars Helicopter

Welcome to Monday, where Russia is warned of Navalny "consequences," Egypt's second deadly train crash in a month kills 11, and Mars gets its first ever helicopter ride. Le Monde also ...


The Case For Letting Algorithms Run The Vaccine Rollouts

Belgium's vaccination campaign is a prime example, computer scientist Hugues Bersini argues, of how technology can not only improve efficiency, but also, in some cases, make things more fair.


Happy Birthday, COVID: The Moments Missed We'll Never Get Back

When I blew the candles on my 29th birthday cake, on March 27th 2020, it was only 10 days after the first lockdown had begun in France. Still, I felt lucky. I remember telling myself that......


The Latest: Olympics At Risk, Sanctions On Russia, Magic Mushrooms

Welcome to Thursday, where Japan says the Olympics could still be cancelled, the U.S. is set to impose sanctions on Russia and there's a wild new treatment for depression. We also have a......


As COVID Explodes In Brazil, Serrana Becomes World's First Fully Vaccinated City

As part of a medical study, the mid-sized Brazilian city of Serrana is now nearly 100% vaccinated, even as the rest of the country is crumbling under COVID's toll.


The Latest: Sep. 11 Troop Withdrawal, Vaccine Doubts, Even Bigger Christ In Brazil

Welcome to Wednesday, where Joe Biden chooses a major anniversary for the final withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine rollout is stopped and there's an even tall......


The Latest: Aggressive China, Fukushima Wastewater, Spanish Beach Lessons

Welcome to Tuesday, where Japan is set to release Fukushima wastewater into the sea, Prince Harry remembers his grandpa and Spanish children swap classrooms for lessons on the beach. We'v......


The Latest: Iran Vows Revenge, New Ecuador President, Remembering Gagarin

Welcome to Monday, where Iran vows revenge for the attack on one of its nuclear sites, Ecuador elects a new president and Russia celebrates the 60th anniversary of its pioneering space mission. Fre......


Different Ways The World Is Commemorating COVID-19's Victims

From a Swiss music box to a Chilean quilt, different projects seek to leave a tangible sign of those we've lost.


Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan: Perils Of A Diplomatic Triangle

Russia's foreign minister visited Pakistan for the first time in nine years — just in time for the deadline for U.S. troops to leave Afghanistan. It points to an important change of actors in one of the deadliest conflict zones in the world.


The Latest: COVID Records, Sudan Clashes, Ketchup Shortage

Welcome to Wednesday, where Brazil and India both hit grim COVID records, Sudan clashes kill dozens and a French judge fake-marries her ex to prevent him from getting hitched. Egyptian on......


From Astrophysics To Zebras, A World Tour Of Weird Livestreams

Remember when time was one of the most limited resources anybody could have? Juggling our agendas, we rushed between work meetings, weekend trips, shopping, dinners and countless other so......


A Smoking Ban On Balconies? Warsaw Tests The Edges Of Freedom

Proposals to ban smoking on private balconies are led by activists trying to modify citizen's lifestyles and fight "ideologically different phenomena," even when the real harm of these divergent behaviors is negligible.


The Latest: 3 Million COVID Deaths, Nuclear Deal Revived, Soviet LOTR

Welcome to Tuesday, where global COVID-19 death toll surpasses 3 million, the Iran nuclear deal is back on the table, and a Soviet-produced Lord of the Rings is unearthed. Thanks......


Bad Mourning, Relatives Of France's COVID Victims Seek Solace

Family members who lost a loved one in the early months of the pandemic, at the height of the restrictions, are now demanding a national day of mourning.


Bolsonaro's Generals: Preparing For A Capitol Hill Moment?

With the sudden departure of Brazil's top generals, Jair Bolsonaro's government may be weakened. But it may also be setting up the ultimate showdown for the country's democracy ahead of next year's election.


The Latest: Myanmar ''Bloodbath'' Warning, Jimmy Lai Guilty, Pricey Airline Food

Welcome to Thursday, where WHO chides the EU's slow vaccination rollout, two of Hong Kong's best-known democracy leaders are convicted and Japan has a pricey solution for those missin......


The Abundance Conundrum: Becoming Victims Of Our Own Success

In this era of plenty (even in the midst of a pandemic), humanity faces a key question: How can we cope with excess without sinking into decline?


The Latest: Brazil's Crises, Pfizer For Kids, Nuclear Gibberish

Welcome to Wednesday, where Brazil's Bolsonaro faces the worst crisis of his presidency, Aung San Suu Kyi makes a "healthy" appearance, and a kid gets nuclear (tweeting) powers. And thanks to L......