Burkina Faso

Facing Jihadists, Burkina Faso Gambles On Village Militias

The West African country is training and arming everyday citizens to protect remote communities from terrorist groups. But some fear the strategy will lead to even more violence.


One Year After Al-Baghdadi Death, An ISIS "Regeneration"


French Teacher Beheaded: A New Attack On Freedom Of Speech

Le Monde's editorial board warns that the brutal killing of a middle school teacher is another direct attack on the same basic freedoms targeted in France since the Charlie Hebdo murders in 2015.

United Kingdom

After Arab-Israeli Deal, Iran Must Face Its Own Isolation

As Israel and the Arab world roll toward a major rapprochement, Iran continues to resist pressure to start talking to its own nemesis, the United States.


India And The Poisoned Chalice Of Islamophobia

Anti-Muslim attitudes are "eating away at the idea of India" and finding expression even among the country's cosmopolitan elite.

United States

Coronavirus — Global Brief: After Climate Change, War On Science Speeds Up

The insidious path of COVID-19 across the planet is a reminder of how small the world has become. For the coming weeks, Worldcrunch will be deli......


One More Enemy: Coronavirus In War Zones Around The World

Shortage of masks and respirators, lack of hospital space, muddled government action: inadequate responses to the COVID-19 outbreak are evident even in the world's most stable countries.......


The Fall Of Idlib, No Safe Place Left In Syria

The camera pans across families waiting around with their luggage and children. Men stand with rifles slung over their shoulders, ready to board the evacuation buses north. Migrating bir......


Iran: How Weak Is The Regime?

After the U.S. assassination of General Soleimani and Tehran's accidental shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger jet, rising economic and political pressures have put Islamic rule in its most fragile state in memory.


U.S.-Iran: France May Be Last Best Hope To Prevent All-Out War

PARIS — In diplomacy, there's always room for talk, even when the window for negotiation seems all but shut. Such is the scenario that ...

Côte d'Ivoire

Ivory Coast Tries To Keep Terrorists From Crossing Border

They shall not pass: Since July, soldiers have stepped up patrols along the country's 1,600-km border with Mali and Burkina Faso.


A French Kid Dragged Into Jihad, Lingers In A Syrian Prison

An 18-year-old prisoner recounts his departure from Roubaix, his life in a country at war, and his detention with no way out.


Watch: OneShot — Marco Gualazzini''s Almajiri Boy

An iconic image from Italian photojournalist's reportage from Chad, which won the World Press Photo award for environmental series.


Hate Speech In India, And Why Reporting It Is Risky

A growing number of Indians — including some lawmakers — have taken to social media to incite violence, particularly against Muslims.


Christchurch To Sao Paulo: Our Age Of Nihilistic Terrorism

The white supremacist who killed 50 at New Zealand mosques is like other mass killers attached to myths of ideological identity that lack any real political horizon.


Soft Power: A Mentor Program To Fight Terrorism In Kenya

In the Majengo district of the southern port city, a mentoring program is trying to stop al-Shabaab from recruiting young people.


Voices From Baghouz: Fleeing Final ISIS Stronghold In Syria

The evacuation of civilians — especially women and children — continues in Baghouz, the Islamic State's last bastion.

Saudi Arabia

Gauging Saudi Stakes On Pakistan And India

NEW DELHI — Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's visits to India and Pakistan in the immediate aftermath of a deadly suicide attack on Indian security personnel in Kashmir ha......


Why Christmas Markets Will Stay Prime Targets For Terrorists

-Analysis- MUNICH — At first glance, the video footage looks like a harmless Advent promotional clip. It showed cheerful people walking between decorated stall......


What The Mumbai Attacks Changed For India — And For Terrorists

MUMBAI — They say that human memory tends to shut out trauma. But the pain caused by the attack 10 years ago on Mumbai will always be difficult to forget. What happened on Novemb......


Niger, Inside The "Model" For Preventing Migration Into Europe

AGADEZ — Mahamane Ousmane is an unrepentant people smuggler. He makes no effort to deny having transported migrants "countless times" across the Sahara into Libya. When he is rel......


Protecting Ethiopian Women Migrant Workers In Gulf Region

In 2013, Ethiopia announced a ban on domestic workers from going to the Middle East. Authorities estimate nearly 1 million Ethiopians working legally and illegally in the region. It comes with opportunity and risk, especially for women.