The Latest: Biden Opens To Iran, Myanmar Coup Death, Photo From Mars

Welcome to Friday, where the coronavirus death toll surpasses 100,000 in Africa, the Myanmar coup protests record the first casualty and NASA's Mars rover sends its first picture of the ...


The Latest: Biden's Myanmar Sanctions, China-India Breakthrough, Cinemas For Gamers


For Trump's Senate Trial, A Message From The Myanmar Coup

There was really just one element missing for a successful American putsch.


Waiting For Biden To Take a Stand On Iran

The Biden administration's "contradictory" positions on Iran's nuclear dossier are making the West's allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, increasingly nervous, Ahmad Ra'fat writes in Kayhan London.


The Latest: Myanmar Protests, Glacier Burst, Annual COVID Shots

Welcome to Monday, where South Africa halts AstraZeneca vaccine after poor results on local variant, 180 are feared dead in India glacier collapse, and Tom Brady makes Super Bowl history. We also l......


Venezuela's PDVSA, Mixing Big Oil And Leftist Politics

Venezuela's PDVSA, once among the world's most powerful oil firms, was transformed and largely gutted under Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro. But the story is more complicated than it may seem.


The Latest: COVID In Japan, Navalny's Doctor Dies, $60 Million Password

Welcome to Friday, where Myanmar trouble deepens, Navalny's doctor dies and $60 million in Bitcoin is lost behind a password. We also look at one country trying to figure out where it fit......


Putin's Problems Are Real — And It's Not Just Navalny

Russia may not be heading toward a full-blown revolution, at least not yet. But the current wave of protests shouldn't be dismissed either.

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The Latest: Navalny In Court, Pfizer Profits, Canadian Candyologist

Welcome to Tuesday, where global calls are issued for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, Navalny shows up in court and there's real-life drama at the French opera. Le Monde also goes to Ukr......


The Latest: Myanmar Coup, Russian Protests, Messi Money

Welcome to Monday, where the army seizes power in Myanmar coup, weekend protests rock Russia and it's revealed that Messi scored really big in Barcelona. We also take a look at Big Brothe......

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The Fragility Of American Democracy Is Nothing New

For many people, the lesson from the assault on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 – and more broadly from the experience of the last four years – is that American democracy has become ne......


The Latest: 100 Million COVID Cases, Biden Rings Putin, Moon Tourists

Welcome to Wednesday, where global COVID cases exceed 100 million, Biden rings Putin, and space tourism gets ready for launch. We also look at the magnitude (and limitations) of Iran's pr......


The Latest: Dutch Curfew Clashes, Conte Resigns, Artificial Lion

Welcome to Tuesday, where drug companies are being called out for vaccine delays, Italy slips into a political crisis and a special lion is born in Singapore. We also look at the rise and fall of U......


In Ukraine, The Zelensky Revolution Crashes Into Reality

The head of state, a political outsider who had promised to fight corruption, must contend with the powerful oligarchs in his own entourage at the risk of disappointing his voters.


The Latest: AMLO & COVID, Rescued Miners, Godzilla v. Kong

Welcome to Monday, where AMLO gets COVID, Chinese miners are rescued, and King Kong finds a worthy opponent. Les Echos also takes us to Syria, where coronavirus and a crumbling economy are......


The Latest: Wuhan Anniversary, ISIS In Baghdad, Google v. Australia

Welcome to Friday, where it's been a year since the first COVID lockdown began in Wuhan, ISIS is back in Iraq and James Bond fans get a license to kill some more time. Die Welt a......


Aristotle to Anti-Vax: Internet And The Decline Of Reason

The virtues that laid the groundwork for Western civilization's many advances are being eclipsed, it would seem, by an internet-driven rush of irrationality.

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The Latest: President Biden, Baghdad Blast, Mountain Of Trash

Welcome to Thursday, where the world reacts to the beginning of the Biden-Harris era, Baghdad is hit by its worst terror attack in more than three years and Dublin cancels its St. Patrick's Day par......

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Behind Biden's Message Of Unity, A Shattered America

MILAN — The first day of Joe Biden's presidency bore clear traces of some of the recent wounds inflicted on the U......

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Bonjour President Biden: 26 Front Pages From Around The World

"Hope," "unity," "a new era," "democracy,"... Newspapers around the world reacted to the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who were......


What Joe Biden's Arrival Means For Latin America

The new administration isn't likely to prioritize relations with Latin America and the Caribbean. But after the Trump era, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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The Latest: Biden's Big Day, Jack Ma Is Back, Tokyo Games At Risk

Welcome to Wednesday, where Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th U.S. president, Italy's prime minister hangs on, and the Tokyo Olympics may be cancelled again. We also visit six iconic......