A red dot is an attack on a computer, a yellow dot is a “honeypot,” a system set to record incoming cyber attacks. On the bottom of the screen, a box tells you where the attacks are coming from (Friday was mostly Eastern Europe).


You are not watching a sci-fi movie; this is the Honeynet’s real-time map of cyber attacks around the world.

Created by the Research Group IT-Security from the RWTH Achen University in Germany, HoneyMap shows you the attacks as they happen, when they happen. 

The German researchers used the Honeynet Project’s sensors deployed around the world.

Founded in 1999, the Honeynet Project is an international “non-profit security research organization dedicated to investigating the latest attacks and developing open source security tools to improve Internet security.”

The project has 40 chapters across the world, although not all choose to publish the attacks. If you want to participate in the project, it’s as easy as running a honeypot system on your network. Details here.