El Mercurio April 6, 2015

Chilean daily El Mercurio featured Pope Francis' Easter address on its front page Monday. The Argentine-born pontiff made his plea for peace Sunday in St. Peter's Square after last week's shocking massacre of Christian students by Islamic militants at Garissa University in Kenya

"We ask Jesus, the victor over death, to lighten the sufferings of our many brothers and sisters who are persecuted for his name, and of all those who suffer injustice as a result of ongoing conflicts and violence — and there are many," the Pope said. "I think in particular of the young people who were killed last Thursday at Garissa University College in Kenya, for all who have been kidnapped, and for those forced to abandon their homes and their dear ones."

On his third Easter as pontiff, Pope Francis also invoked the war and crises in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria, where Boko Haram Islamist militants have also targeted Christian churches.

"We ask for peace and freedom for the many men and women subject to old and new forms of enslavement on the part of criminal individuals and groups," he said.

ABOUT THE SOURCE: El Mercurio is a Chilean newspaper with editions in Valparaíso and Santiago. Its Santiago edition is considered the country's paper-of-record.

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