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The Denver Post is a daily newspaper that has been published in Denver, Colorado, since 1892. The Post is the flagship newspaper of MediaNews Group Inc. It has won nine Pulitzer Prizes:
 Ayana BoydKing, a pulmonology, critical care doctor takes off a face shield after seeing a COVID-19 patient in a negative pressure room in the emergency room
Hannah Steinkopf-Frank

Here's Why Healthcare Workers Around The World Are Quitting In Record Numbers

The long toll of the pandemic is the final straw for many burned out healthcare workers in the West. But the Great Resignation in the medical field is global, with developing countries already struggling to contain the pandemic in the face of a doctor brain drain.

PARIS — The COVID-19 pandemic has led many around the world to reevaluate their careers, becoming part of the so-called “great resignation.” Just take one statistic: a record 4.5 million U.S. citizens quit their jobs last November. By far, the industry that has been most shaped by the pandemic is healthcare, the field leading resignations, with a 3.6% increase in the number of U.S. health workers quitting their jobs in 2021.

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Denver Post On Hometown Broncos Super Bowl Victory

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The Denver Post, Feb. 8, 2016

"What a rush!" the punny front page of Monday's Denver Postreads featuring a picture of outside linebacker Von Miller whose rushing of the Carolina Panthers quarterback helped the Denver Broncos to a defensive-minded 24-10 win to claim the team's third Super Bowl title.

"Denver's dominant defense" was key to the Broncos' victory Sunday night at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., the Post wrote. ESPN noted that it was only the fourth Super Bowl not to feature as much as a single touchdown pass.

The other winners, some argued, were Lady Gaga with her remarkable rendition of the national anthem, Beyoncé, who stole Coldplay's thunder at the halftime show, and of course, the traditional Super Bowl television commercials.