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The Rheinische Post is a German-language daily newspaper, published since 1946 by the Rheinische Post Verlagsgesellschaft mbH company. It is headquartered in Düsseldorf and publishes 31 local editions.
Photo of a woman walking in Kyiv next to a disused Russian tank
FOCUS: Russia-Ukraine War

World Front Pages As Ukraine Marks Independence Day & 6 Months Of War

Ukraine is marking a somber independence day that coincides with the six-month milestone of the Russian invasion. Here’s how newspapers around the world are covering the event.

Every year on August 24, Ukraine celebrates its 1991 independence from the Soviet Union. The anniversary of the peaceful transition is traditionally marked by military parades and other displays of patriotic pride across the country.

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But this year, celebrations will be subdued, as the event coincides with the grim milestone of six months since Russia launched its large-scale invasion of the country.

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Verdun, 100 Years Later: Merkel And Hollande Remember

On the front page of its Monday edition, Düsseldorf-based daily Rheinische Post ran a solemn picture of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande standing side by side at a cemetery in northeastern France, to mark "100 years after" the World War I Battle of Verdun.

The Battle of Verdun was one of the longest battles of the The Great War. An estimated 800,000 soldiers died in northeastern France, during a carnage that lasted from February to December 1916.

During the weekend ceremonies marking the centenary, both leaders called for European unity by heeding lessons from the past, with Hollande saying that it would "take infinitely less time to destroy Europe than it did to build it," and Merkel warning that "War is possible ... We must remain vigilant to avoid it."