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People's Daily is a state-run newspaper in China founded in 1948. It is currently published worldwide with a combined circulation of more than three million.
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Work In Progress
Rozena Crossman

Work → In Progress: Where Have All The Workers Gone?

Reams have been written about the shift to remote working. And yet, for many people, the more pressing issue right now isn't where, but how much they work.

After the economic slowdown brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, companies all over the world are taking advantage of loosened lockdowns and progress on the vaccine front to ramp up operations and make up for lost productivity. But the frenetic spurts of the recovery are getting serious pushback: From the rise of the four-day work week to legally punishing overtime, the world is waking up to the importance of a balanced workload.

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Chinese Newspaper Wags Finger At U.S. And Russia Over Syria

China's state-run People's Daily has accused the United States and Russia of using the conflict in Syria as a proxy for reigniting a Cold War. In a commentary signed "Zhong Sheng" ("Voice of China"), the daily called for a peaceful diplomatic settlement to the crisis.

"The United States and the Soviet Union employed a variety of diplomatic, economic and military actions on the soil of third countries to try to increase their influence," the piece said. "It's an old scene from the Cold War."

Chinese authorities have previously warned against interfering in Syria's internal issues, but the People's Daily article used surprisingly strong language directed at both Washington and Moscow. "The international community, especially large countries with major influence, must fully recognize the critical, urgent necessity to reach a political solution to the Syria issue," the newspaper said.