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Metro (UK) is a free daily created in 1999 and owned by DMG Media. It is a Conservative newspaper headquartered in Kensington, London, and distributed on public-transport services and other urban centres across the UK.

Extra! UK Game Of Thrones To Succeed Cameron

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Metro, July 1

This Friday's Metrofront page features a parody of the hit TV series Game of Throneswith the faces of three Conservative Party pols, from left to right, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Theresa May, with the headline "The Real Game of Thrones."

After last week's Brexit vote effectively ended the career of David Cameron, the race to take over Tory party leadership and become next British Prime Minister has quickly heated up. While he was popular with the public, after his active "Leave" campaign, and widely considered a frontrunner, Former London Mayor Boris Johnson decided to opt out on Thursday. "Having consulted colleagues and in view of the circumstances in Parliament, I have concluded that person cannot be me," he said.

This plot twist, which some also compared to a Shakespearean play, happened after Justice Secretary Michael Gove withdrew his support for longtime ally Johnson, and announced that he will stand for the Conservatives leadership, despite having repeated several times that he was not interested in becoming Prime Minister. He said he does not believe Johnson has the necessary leadership skills to take on the job and steer the negotiations on Britain's exit from the European Union.

Among others, Interior Secretary May is emergeing as a favorite to succeed Cameron. Despite having campaigned against Brexit, she promised to deliver what the EU withdrawal voters had demanded.

Under party rules, Conservative lawmakers will choose two finalists through a series of votes that begin next week. The pair are then put to a vote among all party members, who will choose the winner by a postal ballot by Sept. 9.