La Voz is a Spanish-language daily published in Córdoba, Argentina's second-largest city. It was founded in 1904 as "La Voz del Interior", and is currently owned by Grupo Clarin, the largest media conglomerate in the country.

Tears And Smiles: A Divided Argentina Reacts To Abortion Ruling

La Voz"s Aug. 9 front page

Deeply disappointing for some. A reason to celebrate for others.

After an historic senate vote on Wednesday, Argentina is still "without legal abortion," the front page of today's La Voz reads.

The high-stakes session played out "as expected," the Córdoba-based daily reports, with senators voting 38-31 against a bill that would have allowed women in the predominately Catholic country to terminate pregnancies through the 14th week.

The decision came nearly two months after Argentina's lower of house of Congress took the surprising step of approving the measure, which was opposed by native son Pope Francis but backed by a modest majority of the country's citizens, poll numbers suggest.