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The French-language Swiss daily was founded in 1879 by James T. Bates, an American banker, and is currently the only major newspaper published in Geneva.
Is Kyiv Ready To Risk Taking War Into Russian Territory?
In The News
Shaun Lavelle, Cameron Manley and Emma Albright

Is Kyiv Ready To Risk Taking War Into Russian Territory?

While Russia is accusing Ukraine of carrying out attacks on its territory, the U.S. is set to send rocket launchers that could fire into Russian territory. But Washington is also warning Kyiv of the high risks of escalation.

Russia accused Ukraine of carrying out attacks on its territory, the latest indication that the war may be escalating dangerously across the border. The head of the Border Service of Russia’s Federal Security Service, Vladimir Kulishov,claimed that Ukrainian militants were trying to enter the country disguised as refugees.

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In an interview with government-owned Russian daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Kulishov said the situation at the border was difficult and that “additional temporary border posts were deployed.” He said that such actions preceded the invasion: “From 2014 to February 2022, the Ukrainian side undertook over 40 anti-Russian actions on the state border.”

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Spring Rolls Sprung At Swiss Border Crossing
Hannah Steinkopf-Frank

Spring Rolls Sprung At Swiss Border Crossing

Drugs, weapons and... spring rolls? Add the Asian fried staple to the list of contraband items that have been seized in the illegal international smuggling market.

Police discovered 61.5 kilograms (136 lbs) of chicken spring rolls stashed in a car trunk during a control at a France-Switzerland border crossing on Feb. 16. The driver, a Vietnamese national, and the passenger, a French national, were returning to Switzerland where they own a restaurant. But they did not declare the rolls to the Swiss administration at Ferney-Voltaire.

The tasty snacks were concealed in the spare tire compartment, a common hiding place officials often check. The stash was destroyed as it did not comply with "conditions for the transport of food goods," and the restaurateurs also face fines for violating VAT and customs laws.

Donatella Del Vecchio, spokesperson for the Federal Customs Agency, told the Tribune de Genève that incidents of bringing delicacies into Switzerland aren't as rare as they may seem. Last month, an Italian was busted crossing into the Ticino enclave with 1,400 kg of assorted goodies: salami, mozzarella, olive oil, flour and canned tomatoes. That, folks, is known as pizza trafficking.