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Dongfang Zaobao (Oriental Morning Post) is a Chinese daily distributed and headquartered in Shanghai. It is owned by Wenhui Xinmin and was created in July 2003.

Fury In China Over Maritime Dispute Ruling

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Dongfang Zaobao, July 13

"The South Sea Islands have been part of China's territory since ancient times," Wednesday's front page of the Chinese daily Dongfang Zaobaoreads. "China does not accept the ruling that does not recognize the South China Sea."

The defiant headline comes in response to Tuesday's decision by a UN tribunal to categorically disregard Chinese claims over the South China Sea. The ruling prompted an angry reaction from Beijing, upping tensions in the region.

The country's Communist Party-controlled press warns of a military escalation in response to what they denounce as a U.S. ploy to obstruct China's rise.

The case was brought forth by the Philippines, which accuses China of illegally encroaching on its territorial waters. The UN tribunal made it clear Tuesday that it agrees, ruling that China's historically-based claims to the disputed waters lack a legal basis and are contrary to an international maritime convention.

President Xi Jinping declared that China would not accept the ruling, but says he wants to maintain peace and stability in the region. The Chinese leader called for direct talks with the parties involved.


China Faces Catastrophic Floods, Braces For Typhoon

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Dongfang Zaobao (Oriental Morning Post) — July 7, 2016

This Thursday edition of Shanghai-based Dongfang Zaobao features emergency forces at work in the Yangtze River basin, with the headline "Flood emergency! President Xi deploys Disaster Relief Forces." At least 120 people are dead or missing, and an estimated 16 million people have been affected by the disaster in central and eastern China.

After weeks of torrential rain, 26 Chinese provinces are now facing flooding risks. About 50,000 houses collapsed and more than 1.6 million people have been relocated since the end of June. Prime Minister Li Keqiang went to the flood line to assess conditions and relief efforts.

This is the worst disaster of its kind in China since 1998, when flooding killed 3,000 and affected 220 million others across 24 provinces.

The country is now bracing for super typhoon Nepartak, heading towards Taiwan with winds up to 174 mph (280 kph).


Extra! Shanghai Disneyland Grand Opening

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Dongfang Zaobao, June 16

Chinese daily Dongfang Zaobao featured the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland on its front page Thursday after the theme park dynasty opened its doors at midnight following five years of construction.

The $5.5 billion Shanghai Disney Resort is the American company's biggest theme park outside of the U.S. Some 10,000 employees were working on opening day on the site that covers nearly 1,000 acres of land. Meanwhile, Disney is expecting to serve 700 kilograms of rice every day. More "monster figures" here.

The opening ceremony started with speeches by Communist Party leaders, as Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang joined Disney chief executive Bob Iger in cutting a red ribbon and read out letters of congratulations from the Chinese and U.S. presidents, Xi Jinping and Barack Obama.

There were also a variety of musical features, including a performance by a children's choir and a custom arrangement of "Let it Go" by superstar Chinese-born pianist Lang Lang.

After more than a decade of negotiations, the arrival of the American entertainment conglomerate challenges many Chinese working in the theme park business. More on that here.

Analysts expect the Shanhai Disney to become the world's most-visited theme park, attracting as many as 50 million guests a year. By contrast, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida drew 19.3 million people in 2014.