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Ahval News provides English, Turkish and Arabic-speaking readers with untampered, daily coverage of Turkish events and involvement worldwide. The news portal was established in Turkey in 2017 at a time of unprecedented pressure on Middle Eastern media. The Turkish government banned the website, forcing the move to its current base in London.
A mess of signs in Hong Kong
Emeraude Monnier

From Punjabi To Breton: Five Language Controversies Around The World

More than just a vehicle to communicate, language expresses and helps construct identity. As such, it has the power to inspire and unite people — but language can also be a source of division, or an impediment to peace between groups already in conflict. From squabbles over things like spelling and pronunciation, to minority groups fighting for the survival of their mother tongue — and everything it stands for — language politics can be deeply disruptive. Here are five examples from around the world:

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