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9News is the national news service of the Nine Network in Australia. Founded in 1956, it is headquartered in Sydney.
Koala Crosses Highway, Causes Six-Car Pile Up
Hannah Steinkopf-Frank

Koala Crosses Highway, Causes Six-Car Pile Up

Why did the bear cross the road?

A koala was blamed for a six-car crash in southern Australia, as reported by 9News Adelaide. Just after 7 a.m. Monday, a driver stopped to help a koala cross the South Eastern Freeway, around the city of Adelaide. The driver's vehicle was rear-ended, resulting in a chain of collisions. Though no serious injuries were reported, there were major traffic delays through the morning.

But did the koala get to the other side of the road? Luckily, the wandering marsupial (which national environmental laws include in a list of vulnerable species) was unharmed and taken back to safety in the wild — but not before taking the time to be filmed behind the wheel of its rescuer's car.

A staff member clears snow from a miniature replica of the U.S. Capitol in Miniwelt, a tourist attraction in Lichtenstein, eastern Germany.

The Latest: Myanmar Police Joins Protests, 'Constitutional' Trial, 116 Year-Old COVID Survivor

Welcome to Wednesday, where Myanmar police side with protesters, the Senate votes to continue Trump's trial and Europe's oldest person survives COVID. We also look at the reasons why the "capital of Canadian humor" isn't laughing so much lately.

COVID-19 latest: Ghana parliament shuts down over outbreak that leaves 17 MPs and 151 support staff ill. The U.K. releases new quarantine guidelines that includes possible £10,000 fine or 10 years in prison for unauthorized travelers. South Africa cuts distribution of AstraZeneca after research shows its lack of efficacy on the South African variant. Healthcare workers in Bolivia go on strike to demand stricter lockdown measures, facing an average of 1,000 daily COVID-19 deaths.

• Myanmar update: Police officers join protesters in the state of Loikaw calling for the reversal of the coup, while some 100,000 gathered in the commercial capital of Yangon. One woman is in critical condition after being shot in the head while attending protests.

• Trump trial: Democrats presented sharp words, video footage of the Capitol mob and Trump's own tweets, while Trump's legal team argued that it was unconstitutional for a former president to be impeached. Six Republicans joined all 50 Democrats in voting in favor of the constitutionality of the trial, but 11 more will be needed to convict Trump.

• "They were clearly warned, and yet they went ahead": Experts from the People's Science Institute told the Indian government back in 2014 that the construction work in the Himalayas could lead to avalanches and landslides. The death toll in the glacier collapse disaster currently stands at 31, with another 165 still missing and at least 30 still stuck in a tunnel.

• Eight extremists sentenced to death: Eight members of a local branch of jihad in Bangladesh have been sentenced to death over the murder of a publisher in 2015.

• Kobe Bryant crash probe: The National Transportation Safety Board has determined that the fatal helicopter crash carrying the basketball superstar was the result of the pilot's decision to fly in cloudy conditions considered "legally prohibited."

• Catty trial on Zoom: A Texas attorney was forced to say (for the record) "I am not a cat," after he was unable to remove a cat face filter on the Zoom court proceedings.

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