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Spring Rolls Sprung At Swiss Border Crossing

Drugs, weapons and... spring rolls? Add the Asian fried staple to the list of contraband items that have been seized in the illegal international smuggling market. Police discovered 61.5 ...


In China, Electric Pole Sit-ups Workout Sparks Power Outage

A good workout leaves you feeling the burn, but a parkour-style stunt in China could have wound up sparking disaster — and ultimately part of a mega-city blacked out. It began Sunday night ...


Dying Indigenous Tribe In Brazil Killed Off For Good By COVID

An 86-year-old identified as the last male member of the Juma, a Brazilian tribe on the verge of extinction, died of the coronavirus last week, Rio-based daily O Globo reported. Amoin Aruká ...


Huge Haul Of Whale Vomit Worth Millions For Fishermen In Yemen

It's a modern tale with a rich and fragrant whiff of Jonah and the Whale, when a group of Yemeni fishermen made the catch of their lives this week in the Gulf of Aden. After a large, dead whale ...


Iranian Woman's 'Arranged Marriage' Is Scam To Rob Her In-Laws

TEHRAN — A 26-year-old Iranian woman suspected of more than a dozen thefts began by befriending wealthy female targets. But the plot for her big payday would require setting the trap for an ...


Powering Through Appendicitis For Perfect Score On Chile's National Exam

The 18-year-old was doubled over in pain, but her parents thought it was just a case of exam-time...


Parents Call Cops On Teen Son For Refusing To Clear The Table

Parenting can be a tricky thing. Who can safely say they've never, in the heat of the moment, brandished over-the-top threats to try to get unruly offspring to comply? And who ever follows ...


Starsky And Hutch Busted In France For Driving Under Influence

Yes, they are both French. Yes, those are their real names. No, they weren't driving a Ford Gran ...