Zona is a Italian multimedia association founded in 2012 that works with NGOs and other institutions to boost social awareness through photography and video production.


Cut From Africa To Europe: Female Circumcision Among Migrants In Italy

FLORENCE — "My first child died inside me while I was trying to give birth ..." Hamdi Abdurahman Ahmed is 30 years old and has a marked Florentine accent as she ...


UNCUT, A Multimedia Report On Female Genital Mutilation

An ordinary room, or a dark hut in a rural village. A razor blade bought at a market will suffice, or a sharp knife, or simply a shard of broken glass. Sometimes needle and ...


When Migrants Carry Scars, Female Genital Mutilation In Europe

LONDON — According to a new British law, any teacher, doctor, nurse or social care professional who comes across a case of a girl who has undergone genital mutilation has ...


In Somaliland, Mothers Save Daughters From Genital Mutilation Rites

When fear gets hold of me When anger seizes my ...