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Sealing Chernobyl For Another 100 Years

It was the worst nuclear plant accident in history, measured in both casualties and cost. And though the death count paled in comparison to the more than 100,000 killed by the atomic bomb in ...


Trump And The Ayatollah

With the choice of controversial retired Gen. Michael Flynn to be White House National Security Advisor comes a new flurry of anticipation (and worry) that American foreign policy will be turned ...


International Justice Denied

Your daily update of the latest news from around the world, brought to you by Worldcrunch. To get it in your inbox each morning, sign up here. Is this the end of the road for the ...


Welcome To The Trumpocene

A guiding principle of modern democracy holds that a system of checks and balances helps prevent any single person or faction from making radical changes to the existing order. That the wheels of ...

United States

Power In America And American Power

The election of Donald Trump is a shocking event for millions of Americans. And ...

United States

It's Trump: Unifying Victory Speech After Clinton Concedes

In one of the most stunning election results in modern democratic history, Republican candidate Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the race to become the 45th president of the ...

United States

"Trump Brand" Ready For Export?

From Malmö to Mumbai to Melbourne, news junkies will spend the next 24 hours scrutinizing voting patterns coming out of places like ...


Striking For Women's Rights, Down To The Second

4:34 p.m. and 7 seconds. That's the time thousands of French women are expected to walk out of their jobs today, and call it a year. Led by the feminist group ...